Why is Tailor different from Ready to Wear?

How to find your style

Not every man is the same, each has different traits, interests, taste, dreams, and even body shape. So, does it make sense to have only a couple of sizes that are supposed to fit all millions of men out there?

Ready to Wear Vs Tailor

Ready to wear is basically the kind of clothing that you can buy at any store. Pre-made pieces made in specific standardized sizes with the purpose of fitting the majority of the population. On the other hand, tailor-made clothing is the clothing made specifically to fit the person being made for.

Both clothing options have their perks. Ready to wear items even when they might not be the best source of unique style or fit, tend to be lower in price as there are generally mass-produced in factories. Not only that but are also easy to find and conveniently accessible everywhere, awaiting to just be picked up of the shelves.

Tailor, on the other hand, tends to be a bit pricier compared to the average ready to wear options, but it can not be compared in terms of quality, design and even more important, fit. Tailored clothing will also not only fit perfectly, but designs are made to match any specific requirements and preferences that you might want to change or add.

What should I buy?

There is a place for everything it all depends on your specific wants, situation, and needs. In my professional opinion, while you can get great quality accessories, shirts, and other items in ready to wear that can still suit you well, certain things like suits, jackets or even coats always look much better if tailor-made.

If you want a good suit or jacket it might be more than worth it to “splurge” on tailor, and I say “splurge” and not splurge because at times the difference in price might be quite insignificant among ready to wear and tailor depending on your brand and tailor of choice. That is why at times you might want to have a closer look, as you could get a unique piece just for you, with the quality of tailor clothing for almost the same price.

What do we offer at Suit Make?

At SUIT MAKE we believe everyone has the right to dress nicely that is why we provide luxury and stylish custom-tailored menswear while doing it at affordable prices. With our products not only made out of the best quality hand-picked Italian fabrics but also hand-crafted from start to finish by our carefully chosen partners.


SUIT MAKE´s producing factory is Enhakkore. A factory chosen after careful consideration with which we have a very special bond. Established in April 2010 with merely 10 employees Enhakkore, has not only been carefully creating suits and growing in craftsmanship all these years but as of June 2019, there are currently more than 70 employees working on our partner factory.

The Art of Craftsmanship: The main pattern makers and seamsters at Enhakkore have about thirty to forty years of experience and since up until now there was no official institute for menswear tailoring, the team at Enhakkore works just like a family in which the skill is passed onto new generations.

There is no easy way to pass down such a skill, as it takes time to master men´s tailoring that is why Enhakkore hires young people and trains them to continue the tradition. Currently, there are ten men in their twenties learning from the masters.

Traditional but Efficient: As one of the pioneers in the industry, Enhakkore has implemented a barcode system that allows the process to be effective and efficient even when still handmade. This allows us to provide an on-time delivery which is never late. With an average daily production of about 100 pairs of suits that are not only made from scratch but also quality checked.


Handmade Custom-Tailor Studio: Our Tailoring partner, Taeyeon, who opened its doors three years ago and with whom we work with for specific and special designs different from the ones we carry with our menswear factory, holds the outstanding knowledge of 45 years of experience.

Taeyeon´s owner not only begun learning all the insights of tailoring at a women custom-tailored studio at the beginning of her career but also holds the necessary experience of managing her own tailor studio. A tailor studio she managed for over 9 years while also working with important brands in the industry like fashion designer Song JungWan and Chill Industries Inc., part of Samsung group.

Not Just a Premade design: At SUIT MAKE we do not just use premade patterns. We know that the “one size fits all” does not exist as it does indeed not work for everybody. For us, it is important that each piece fits its new owner like a glove, we want you to look and feel your best with clothing that fits you to perfection and that is why our patterns are specially made by our partner pattern maker Elf.

Elf is a pattern-making studio that has been running successfully since 2011. Its owner as all of our partners has extensive experience in the field having started mastering the art of pattern making in between 1977 to 1981 with different professionals and pattern making studios but also managing pattern making departments for national brands and freelancing independent projects from 1982 until 2010.