Korean skincare

Looking your best is not only about clothes. Of course, well-chosen clothes with the right fit that match your new sense of style are important, but correlated things like taking care of your body, your skin, and proper grooming are just as important when helping you create your new image.

That is why at SUIT MAKE we not only partner up with some of the best brands and companies that cater to those kinds of services, but we also attend all the events and programs that we can. We make sure to never miss on these types of events since that allows us to stay on top of trends and learn about any changes that might be going on the different industries. To keep on bringing you the newest and best information in all departments.


One of the most recent events we attended was the last Banobagi event. An event organized by Seoul Cosmetic Surgery to give information in all the newest and latest skin treatments and procedures available. Banobagi is a well-renowned plastic surgery and dermatology clinic in Korea. A clinic famous for its great results, attention to detail and catered services in many languages.

In case you might not know South Korea is one of the leading markets worldwide not only in terms of cosmetic surgery but also in everything concerning skincare. Anything that you might ever think of is probably available here. The most innovative ingredients, worldwide cult skincare trends, and revolutionary treatments and products are the day to day here. For Koreans perfect skin is the epitome of attractiveness and with such skincare savvy consumers the Korean market can not but catch up to the average consumer demands.

Korea is a recently emerged beauty market but it has been taking up a big space from the original beauty suppliers. Countries like France, the States or the UK that had been long term beauty exporters for years are now sharing their piece of cake with the innovative beauty industry of Korea.


We know plastic surgery are big words. Something that not everyone, wants, needs or might have even considered, but skincare is something that you should be slowly putting in your radar. Even if you are a man.

Skin is your largest organ, and taking care of it does not only equal better looks but also health, something that you might have not been considering up until now, but that you might want to be more cautious about. If your outfit is the representing part of your outer style, your skin and hair are the complimentary items, especially for men. That is why from now on we will be having more articles in our grooming section, for you to learn how to easily and effortlessly take care of your skin and outer appearance.

On the other hand, if skincare treatments and dermatological consultations are something in your radar, you can always consult Seoul Cosmetic Surgery for inquiries in any of their services and prices or us to get any of your grooming or skincare related questions answered. And if you want to know why finding your right style is important have a quick look at some of our other content.