Fashion Gone Social: Our Way Of Giving Back

giving back

SUIT MAKE is not just another fashion brand, we are a social brand wanting to give back. We want to be a sustainable business that helps bring good working opportunities for our partners and collaborators. Expanding our business model to other cities and continents so more people can run their dream company by working together with us or by following our own model.

Not only that, but we wish to contribute to society with our skills and knowledge in any way we can by giving back. Our goal is to achieve this while still creating great products that make our client’s wardrobes and lives better. SUIT MAKE is not just about the suit itself, it is about the change that comes with it. A change that can drastically alter someone’s life.

We first started to realize the depth of our impact when we saw the change our knowledge brought to our client’s lives. Our team started to think about ways in which we could contribute to giving back to society and took part in our current social partnership with Open Closet.

How Do We Give Back?

Since June 2018 SUIT MAKE volunteers in a social project with Open Closet. Open Closet is a social venture that offers products and services for job seekers in Korea. Services such as office outfit rentals to use in interviews and other special occasions for those who might need them. Open Closet alike with SUIT MAKE believes that everyone has the right to be able to dress nicely no matter what their current situation might be.

With a mission that so strongly aligned with our own values as a company, we decided to participate in “pride consultant” in which we have been taking part for three seasons, the fourth one coming up soon.

Pride Consultant

Pride consultant is a social project in which we provide multiple image consulting sessions at all levels to a group of selected young participants. It is suitable for job seekers that need extra help. We provide encouragement to face their new life and job search in a country as competitive as Korea. Each season has about 10 carefully selected participants, all with different backgrounds and dreams but who share one goal. The goal of changing their life for the better.

The feedback of participants has been great during all seasons. All of them have great stories to tell but since we can not share them all, we will leave you one of our most recent feedback stories:

Jung-Woo Park

I was unemployed for quite a while and just got a job about two months ago. During my unemployment, I gained weight and was unable to fit most of my clothes. I also couldn’t afford new clothes since I didn’t have an income.

One day, I realized that I only wore hoodies and trainers. They were the only clothes I could fit into. I had arrived at a point in which I had very low self-esteem and pride. When I got my job, I had just started having a salary and my company did not have a specific dress code. I just kept wearing hoodies and trainers, but I always compare myself. I wanted to look as good as my other colleagues.

When I got a chance to do ‘Pride Consultant’ with Jen I learned so much. I knew I needed a change but I was worried that a new style would make me look fat. She did tell me that losing weight will have a big impact on improving my appearance but what really motivated me to lose weight was the new wardrobe designed by Jen. I saw it when we met for the second meeting of pride consultant. It was different from what I used to wear. Colors were lighter and patterns were included. I never thought I would look good with such types of clothes yet I did. I felt so good, I wanted to do what I could to feel and look even better.

At the beginning I wasn’t sure of how much I would be able to improve the way I saw myself with ‘Pride Consultant’ but it worked for me. Now I feel better about myself. Thank you so much for offering me this opportunity. I hope that one day I will be able to give back for this opportunity as well. Thank you.

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