Should I Have a Beard? Ask Suit

should I have a beard
Dear Suit: Should I have a beard or not?

Dear Peter,

Thank you so much for your question. This is one of those things that many men are wondering about but do not dare to ask. The question here is not so much if you should have it or not, but about how you should care for it if you decide to get one.

Getting a beard is a personal choice. Do you believe beards to look masculine and you find yourself wanting to get one? Then give it a try, BUT make sure to get the right fit for you.

Beards are not the easiest thing to pull of. They do not always grow evenly and most men do not know how to properly take care of them to make them look nice or how to choose the right shape to fit their facial structure.

That is why if you want to get a beard, start with a scruff and trim it every other day. This will help you, grow your beard evenly and nicely without ending up with a wild forest of hair on your face. Beards could help you look more manly, stylish and even give more definition to your jawline, but that is only if you keep them polished.

The shabby beard look is something you should totally avoid if you want to cause a good first impression as it can not only subtract some points with the opposite sex but also make you look less professional and reliable. The messy look makes you seem as if you did not have your life together, which will put you behind in most face to face situations before you have even crossed a word.

To sum it up, a fresh shave is a safer choice to stay looking professional and clean no matter the situation. But if you really want a beard to spice up your look, here are some main things you should be taking care of :

-Choose the right beard for you

-Visit the barber regularly

-Keep it well-groomed and polished at all times

-Trim your beard often

Last but not least, take care of it with the help of oils, soaps and other beard products and tools. Having a beard is extra work, but that work will be the trick between looking stylish or shabby. That is why if you are unable to commit to these practices and give your beard the care that it needs it is better to you completely skip the beard and keep your face cleanly shaved.

That is all for today, for more style and grooming tips have a look at our Ask Suit section!