How can I get a Good Haircut? Ask Suit

How to Get a Good Cut
Dear Suit: How can I get a good haircut?

I am constantly traveling for work and have to go to different hairdressers, but I never like what they do. Please help.

Dear writer,

What you tell your hairdresser is extremely important. If you tell your new hairdresser something generic like please cut my hair or get me a cut, most likely you will end up with a similar outcome, a generic hair style.

When you give vague directions you give the impression that you do not care too much about what goes on with your hair. You “just want to cut it shorter” which will make you end up with something simple that probably doesn’t take too much effort for your new stylist. Something that does not necessarily have to suit you well, because if you do not seem to care and it is your hair, why should he?

If you want to get good hair every time, here is a simple trick that you can follow:

When you are back home, go to your trusted hair stylist and get your best cut. Your usual hairdresser already knows your likings and what suit you best, so he will cut your hair accordingly to that. Once you have your new fresh style, get pictures. Pictures of every angle. Keep those pictures on a separated folder on your phone, email, or somewhere you will always easily have access to. Now, the only thing you need to do is show those pictures to your hairdresser every time you go get a new trim.

  • A couple of things that you need to take into account:

Just like with whiskey or wine, not all hairdressers are the same. That is why it is also extremely important for you to choose a good hairdresser and not just go to the first one you see. If you are not really sure how to find a good hairdresser in a new city I recommend you to check for opinions online.

Last but not least, get the appropriate length of cut. Don’t cut your hair too short, it won’t make your haircut last longer. It will only make it look bad. Instead, get a hair cut every 3-4 weeks, it is good for both hair and cut maintenance.

To sum it up:

  • Get a good cut and pictures at your regular salon
  • Try to choose good salons or hairdressers
  • Do not cut your hair too short

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