How Do I Tie My Shoelaces? Ask Suit

How do I tie my shoelaces
Dear Suit: How do I tie my shoelaces?

Dear writer,

That is a great question. While everyone knows how to tie their shoelaces not everyone knows how to tie them properly. If you pay attention to most men‘s shoes, you will soon realize that many wear very uneven, crooked and even messy shoelaces.

This might not be a big deal when talking about sneakers but when talking about dress shoes, it is a no-no. Tying your shoelaces wrongly will not only make you look bad and distract from your otherwise sleek appearance but will also make them go undone much more easily than if tied properly.

To keep a sleek look, we will use straight lacing since it has a much cleaner and simple aesthetic that suits dressy shoes much better, so follow these instructions:

1. Cross your shoelaces right over left and form a knot

2. Create a loop with on your right hand

3. Pull the left string towards yourself over the loop

4. Pull that same left string under the loop and finish your knot

Now you are all set, with an even and tidy looking knot tying your shoes.

*If you reverse the process and create your knot left over right, realize that step three will also have to be reversed to achieve the same even straight knot that we have been talking about.

Things to take into account:

-Make sure your laces are the equal length from the beginning. If not take them out and properly put them in.

-When you finish your knot, both sides should be equal in length too.

-If you are wearing dressy shoes whose laces stay up, instead of falling over the shoe as they would do in sneakers, make sure that your laces do not go over the width of your shoe. This will focus attention on the laces instead of the expensive shoe that you have decided to wear.

-If you are wearing dress shoes another pro tip is to tuck your laces inside the outer lace stay for a more polished look.

-There are multiple ways to cross your lacing: criss-cross, straight, diagonal… But if you want to keep it simple and stylish for any situation I suggest you stick with the straight bar lacing, it is the simplest one to achieve and you can never go wrong with it.

Putting extra attention to the way you tie your shoes might seem like an unnecessary hassle, but the truth is that it makes a BIG difference. Looking sharp is at the end of the day all about the small details. Since shoes are the accessory that will top off your outfits make sure to wear them clean and properly tied up for now on. It will be the detail differentiating you from any other guy into a well-dressed gentleman.

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