What Socks Should I wear? Ask Suit

What Socks Should I wear
Dear Suit: Why is it important to wear the proper socks per wardrobe?

Dear Tony:

When talking about fashion it is all about the details, especially in menswear. Menswear tends to have more simple lines, patterns, and accessories than womenswear and that is why small things like your choice of socks or how you tie your shoelaces can make even a bigger impact on your final look.

Socks can be easily overlooked, yet alike with shoes, they play a very important role to complete your outfit. They are the connection point in between clothing and footwear and therefore they should be chosen carefully, not only in regards to style but also in regards to your comfort.

There is no “one sock fits all”, the same as in there is no one size fits all. You would probably not wear gym clothing to a stakeholder meeting as your clothing choice would feel out of place, well, socks are the same. Your chosen sock should always fit your clothing style and environment. If you are kind of lost in which sock goes where here is a list of the most usual sock situations that you might encounter:

  • Shorts and Cropped Pants:

The choice here is very clear. Invisible socks are the only way to go. If you want to avoid an unfashionable tourist look similar to socks with sandals invisible socks will be your only friend.

It does not matter if you wear them with white sneakers, loafers or any other shoe of choice but if you wear shorter pants is to show skin, if not you might as well have worn long pants. Take into that the more skin you show the cooler it looks not only in terms of style but also in terms of temperature. So ditch the long socks and get some invisible ones, you can wear them with anything there are easily accessible and they will give you uncountable style points.

  • Suits and Dressing Up:

Here the choice remains obvious, dress socks go with dressy looks. Dress socks do not only look more formal but are also thinner and made with silk-like materials that add the extra formality required of a dressy situation.

Dress socks are also longer than casual socks and that is so to cover a larger portion of the leg below the knees. That is no coincidence as showing your leg might look cooler but also less formal. Legs should be fully covered under the trousers in most dressy attires in order to keep a formal etiquette.

  • Going Casual:

You should wear casual socks with outfits like jeans and chinos. In these situations, you do not need the extra seriousness of dressy socks, they will make your outfit look boring and sort of out of match as dressy silk socks don’t go well with casual looks. Casual socks are made out of cotton and should not have a shine to them to keep the lightness of the look.

If you like to wear fun patterned socks like the ones that have been trending these past seasons this is the perfect case scenario. You can spice up your look and have fun with your outfits by adding colorful cotton socks with your chosen patterns and shapes. Remember to avoid athletic socks with these kinds of looks it does not matter if you are wearing famous brand logos on them, these kinds of socks should not be worn out of athleisure looks.

  • Athleisure:

This is the situation to bring all your branded or unbranded athletic socks outs, it does not matter if you are going to the gym or just wearing a laid back outfit for your day out. These are the situations to wear them.

Wear athletic socks with any sort of gym clothes and sneakers. Also, do not use any other type of socks for exercising, athletic socks should always be used if any sort of sport is involved not just for style purposes but mostly for comfort and protection during workouts. Gym socks are thicker than most socks and will always protect your feet better while exercising.

These are most sock situations that you will encounter which you will be easily able to navigate by adding a couple of socks of each style to your wardrobe, trust me you will see the difference.

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