Helping Men Become Better Versions Of Themselves

Helping Men

Helping Men Become Better Versions Of Themselves: SUIT MAKE was started by Jen Auh. Jen, at the time, had been working in the fashion and beauty industries for over 20 years. She was striving to do something new and more meaningful with her career when the core idea for SUIT MAKE came to her quite naturally. This is the story of how it all started:

How Did You Come Up With The Idea For SUIT MAKE?

It was actually just by chance. One of my friends introduced me to her friend as he needed help with his wardrobe. He did not know what to do and decided to ask me for help. He was my first “client” and that’s when I realized the different necessities and difficulties some men had to face that were not covered yet.

What Did You Do To Solve This Situation?

I went to his house and checked out his wardrobe. There was almost nothing he could wear that would look appropriate, not even for the next day. As a last resource, we went to the nearest shopping mall and bought two pairs of pants, two shirts and one pair of shoes. He was quite happy with the outcome and the next day when he went to work wearing his new clothes, he got a lot of compliments.

How Do You Think What You Do Affects Your Clients?

I think it is more than just changing your style, it is a lifestyle transformation.

How So?

Well, I have seen it a lot with all my clients. They become happier, more confident, and overall, they change many personal details after working with us. Personally, I also believe it is positive for me because it brings me so much joy. I am so happy I could help others become more courageous with my knowledge! I could see their transformation, the look in their eyes when they are able to see themselves differently after certain changes in their style and appearance. They were standing a bit taller, a bit straighter. It made me delighted to know that my work can help them become a bit more confident and inspire them to be a better version of themselves.

How Did That End Up Into SUIT MAKE?

Since then, I helped a few more friends, all entrepreneurs. Some of them already had a successful career but now all of them gained better looks and a better lifestyle. In return, that leads to an even more successful career and successful relationships. One of them recently got engaged with his girlfriend. It was very good news for me to hear as well because I helped style him for their first date together.

To be honest, it all started more like a hobby to help friends and acquaintances but at one point I had requests from people who I did not know. That is when I started to get paid, I started to get paid by customers who had seen how well my friends looked and wanted the same for themselves.

Since then it became my new project, I helped men improve their lifestyle. That included creating a new wardrobe and providing career, lifestyle, and relationship advice to change the way they approached things. I wanted them to have a new level of confidence and assertiveness that matched their new looks.

Why Does SUIT MAKE Focus More On Tailor And Custom Made?

That also came naturally, I used to go shopping with all my clients and while trying things out I noticed that most new clothes always needed alterations because they never fit properly.

That got me searching for more tailoring businesses so I could get my clients outfits that would not have to have a huge extra cost in alterations to fit correctly. It was not easy to find good tailoring at a decent price with clothing that fit my requirements, that is why I thought: Why don’t I make a new wardrobe for them instead of buying everything and having to do so many alterations later on?

Why Is SUIT MAKE Based In Korea?

While I was searching for good places to make custom made menswear I traveled to Italy, Japan, Vietnam, and Korea. I was looking for the perfect place to tailor menswear and Korea was the perfect place to start. Korea has a very skillful seamsters and a very fast turnaround. It only takes seven days to make a tailored wardrobe which is rare to find anywhere else.

That is why I started SUIT MAKE here. And now here I am, I moved to Korea from the States to create my company. A lifestyle and image consulting platform that offers personal branding services and fully customized wardrobes to help men improve not only their looks but overall their lifestyles.

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