Wardrobe Essentials: The Tailored T-Shirt

tailored t-shirt
Wardrobe Basic Essentials: The Tailored T-Shirt

Today we are starting with one of the most important items if you want to achieve a casual look or a laidback approach to a formal attire, the t-shirt.

Every man should have a few basic pieces of each category, preferably in various colors and basic color palettes. The goal is to be able to layer items that can be mixed and matched so you look like you were professionally styled but it was completed without much preparation.

Basic T-Shirts

Tees are not only something you throw on when you want to exercise, or something to wear to sleep, but they are great layering item for any situation. You can put them under sweaters, jackets, or even pair them up with suits:

  • A white t-shirt and a leather jacket is great for a date out
  • A grey shirt and light jeans for a relaxed look
  • A monochrome shirt goes perfectly with a cropped suit
  • A black shirt and a long cardigan is also a winning combo

The possibilities are limitless and the combinations are very easy to achieve with only one item, a good t-shirt. Here is the trick, just like with a good suit, good t-shirts need to have a specific fit to put them over the top. What is that fit you might ask? Very simple, the one that suits you right.

The Right Fit for the Basic Tee

For a basic t-shirt to become not just a slouchy item but a wardrobe staple it needs to be:

  • Never too big nor too small
  • Not too long, yet not showing any flesh
  • It should always fit the shoulders properly
  • There should never be any excess fabric creating wrinkles or hanging in odd corners
  • It should not be too tight in main areas like the neckline or the sleeves
  • It should have a wearable color, preferably neutral to fit many outfits

And of course, it should be good quality. If you come across any t-shirts with these characteristics, buy them in a heartbeat and in many colors if available.

Tailored  T-Shirts

At SUIT MAKE we know that the right fit of a t-shirt does not always come easily that is why we have created a tailored t-shirt to solve this problem for our clients. Tailored t-shirts can not be easily found since they have a high cost. Producing them can cost around $200-300 per piece but being shirts sold at very cheap prices, most people are not willing to spend this amount of money.

We still have decided to have tailored t-shirts at a retailing price of $90 as it is something that could be good for our clients.

Providing a custom-tailored t-shirt for the perfect fit. The tailored t-shirt is:

  • Offered in any designs
  • With the best quality of fabrics
  • Hand-made from custom-tailored patterns

Resulting in a t-shirt that can be the foundation of your wardrobe.

That is why if you have not found the perfect basic tee yet and you want to improve your wardrobe, have a look at our tailored t-shirts and get some basic shades to start building your style.