Why Do I Need to Restock My T-Shirts?

ASK SUIT: Why Do I need to Restock My T-Shirts even if they Have no Holes?

Dear Scott:

The appearance of your clothing is just as important as the fit of the item. Your t-shirts and items of clothing in general need to  fit well and also appear in good condition. An item considered good condition does not only apply to it not having holes. There are many factors such as the color still looking vibrant, the fit still adapting to your body, and the fabric to still being intact. In other words, your clothing items need to look as good as new to keep your outfits looking polished. Imagine if you wore a stretched out faded shirt. If that was not the look you were aiming for, it will affect your appearance and make you look not put together. 

An item of clothing that starts to have an old look that results from being washed too often must be removed from your wardrobe, especially t-shirts. Tees are an essential item that are worn daily and tends to get dirty frequently. T-shirts are generally made with cotton and/or mixed fabrics. Cotton is a material that is comfortable and easy to wear but they tend to lose its shape and look worn out after a certain period of time.

Cotton is also a material that absorbs color quite easily. It is very common that items made of cotton fade from their original color. As the item is put into the wash and being combined with clothing of multiple colors, it absorb residue. Lints, stretched out fabrics, and faded colors are small details that make the biggest difference in your overall appearance. Ignoring these details will give off a bad impression towards your professionalism and character.

What to do next

If you want to stay looking polished, maintain a good look and keep your style as fresh as possible. In order to achieve this, start by having clothing that also looks good and feels. You should restock your shirts and have fresh tees, especially if you want to look on top of your game and create a fashionable reputation. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ASK SUIT.