Wardrobe Essentials: The Tailored Jacket

tailored jacket

Having a tailored jacket is another important factor when it comes to wardrobe basics. These are essential pieces that build your wardrobe from the ground up ensuring that you will be able to dress properly for any occasion. Pairing these items with everything and anything will make your outfits nothing less than on point. 

Our next wardrobe essential is one that most men need to take into serious consideration. If you have already entered the working environment, this one’s for you, the tailored jacket.

The Importance of a Good Jacket

Jackets have become an item that can never be missing. If you want to add a serious vibe or even a dressier factor to your look, you need a jacket. Nowadays, suits are not always a requirement in the business world. If you attend meetings, go to work, or just want to leave a good first impression, dressing with formality is always a good touch.

When doing business or attending certain events, it is important to dress to impress. This does not necessarily mean to dress extravagantly, spend a lot of money on clothing, or have the latest trending item. As we have discussed before, it is essential to have an outfit that suits your specific situation.

A jacket is a simple item that can not only help you stay warmer in colder weather but also dress up your outfit in the simplest way.

Choose the Right Fit

There are certain clothing items that we believe will fit best if they are tailored, one of them being jackets. Jackets are one of those items that drastically change depending on the fit

If your jacket does not fit right, do not wear it. Jackets that don’t have the right fit will completely ruin your look which will defeat the purpose of adding it in the first place.

A tailored jacket will have the perfect fit. They are professionally measured giving you enough room to move your arms comfortably without pulling too much nor looking baggy. It should rest comfortably on your shoulders without leaving a large gap in the back but also without creating wrinkles from the pulling of the fabric at the front. Last but not least, length in both sleeves and body should fit accordingly.

Different Jackets Different Purposes

Once you have the right fit it is important to know that not all jackets are equal. Jackets differ in fit, look, and materials. Blazers, suit jackets, knits, sports jackets… and all have their place.

If you do not know where to begin, start here for some staples that could be helpful when building your wardrobe.

  • A good dark blue sports jacket, which can be worn with shirts or monochromatic t-shirts to give a more polished look.
  • Knit jackets are great for layering during autumn and winter seasons. They provide bigger body shapes without adding extra volume. Keep in mind to choose good quality fabrics such as cashmere or fine wool so your jackets drape nicely without looking bulky.
  • A good suit including both jacket and pants is essential to have in your wardrobe for special occasions. As always, fit and fabric are the most important factor when choosing the correct suit.

We do not recommend pairing jeans or sports pants with jackets. Instead, pair them with other types of bottoms like chinos or slacks. If you must incorporate a jacket with a jeans-based outfit, make sure to wear dark wash denim.

Now that you know how to properly wear and style a tailored jacket, go rock those semi-formal outfits.