How Do I Determine My Correct Clothing Size?

My Correct Clothing Size
ASK SUIT: What is my correct clothing size?

Dear Ben,

Determining the correct clothing size is an eternal topic. As sizing varies by item, country and ready to wear pieces, it will change depending on the store. It is no surprise that most men are confused about their exact size. We are here to provide some guidance with some pointers:

  • Shirt sizes are based on your neck size. Regular American sizing goes from 13″ – 13 1/2″ inches to 18″ – 18 1/2″. When measuring shirts, the neck is the most important aspect when it comes to fit. Correspondingly, other measurements such as the waist, sleeve, and chest measurements also hold great importance.
  • Jacket sizes are based on the chest size and can range from 63 – 64 inches to 79 – 80 inches. To know exactly what jacket size you should wear measure the fullest part of your chest. A tip we can provide is adding an extra half an inch to an inch to achieve a comfortable fit.
  • Pant sizes are based on the waist size since that will be the area where pants need to adapt to. Measurements can go from 28-30 inches 62-64.

Now it is important to consider that this is American measurement standards, most regions have different clothing sizes. The United States uses inches as the measurement metric, like the ones given in the previous points. In addition to that, most countries such as Korea, Japan, Australia, Italy, and other European countries use their own sizing system.

How Do I Measure Myself?

When measuring your sleeve, do so from the back of your neck (center part). The second step is to go over your shoulder and then down on the outer part of your wrist. Next, ensure that you will be able to make proper movements slightly bend your arms while measuring.

For the waist, you should measure about an inch below your belly button at the approximate height of where you normally wear your pants.

To measure the chest, you should go around the fullest part of your chest and holding the measuring tape leveled in a parallel position.

It is important to know your size equivalent in each region if you are traveling and you need to buy some clothes. If you don’t know how to get your real measurements we recommend you to get your actual sizing from a tailor. Save those measurements with you so you can always know your exact clothing size.

In conclusion, if you are looking for tailored pieces in your wardrobe or getting some personal shopping done you can send us your body measurements that you have acquired from a tailor. Include your height, weight, age, and pictures of you from neck to foot (all clothed with front, left, right and back angles.) We will send you back the right fit of your new set of clothes. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ASK SUIT.