Wardrobe Essentials: The Tailored Shirt


We have been going through the importance of knowing your size and having well-fitted items to complete a good wardrobe. Implementing a few essential pieces in certain categories can complete your outfit.

Today we are focusing on the tailored shirt. A versatile item that you can dress up or down, but also complete any formal outfit. As always, let’s start with the fit.

The Right Fit

As we previously explained shirts are based on neck size. Besides that, there are a couple of factors that should be looked at such as the following:

  • Chest, the chest should never be too tight. It will pull from the fabric making the buttons open up and the fit appear too stiff. The area of the chest should fit comfortably. It should allow you to move well without giving you the sensation of feeling like your shirt is about to burst.
  • Collar, should not be excessively tight that it makes you feel suffocated but it should not be too wide either. A collar that has a big gap shows that your shirt is oversized. It should give you enough room to breathe and move your neck comfortably.
  • Length, it is very important to pay attention to the overall length of the shirt as well as the sleeves. The total length of your shirt should go at least a couple of centimeters below your waist. If you want to tuck the shirt in for a formal attire, the length can be longer. On the other hand, the sleeves should reach the point where your wrist meets your hand. To get the correct arm measurement, do not forget to slightly bend your arms to keep the sleeves at an appropriate length.
  • Shoulders, your shoulders should be completely covered by the top portion of the shirt, never by the sleeve. If you have part of the shoulder area covering your arms, That will mean it is either too small or too big for you.
Basic Shirts

Having tailored shirts is a great way to add essential items in your wardrobe. A tailored shirt will always fit you perfectly as it is made to fit your unique body shape. Here are some great shirt essentials that every man should have in his wardrobe.

  • A dress shirt, at least 2 or 3 white basics and if possible a black one to pair with any formal situation. Have a backup of whites in case you have a wardrobe malfunction and a black one in case you want to make your outfits more stylish. These are appropriate for formal events and more serious attire.
  • Button-down shirts, you can pair them with jeans, chinos or less formal items while still looking well dressed and not too informal. We recommend you to add some basic colors and patterns. To choose the best color sequence for you, get a recommendation of colors that suit you best. If you are not sure of what shirt to get, you can always go with the basics, a blue shirt, a striped shirt… you get the idea.
  • The classic shirt, a basic work shirt that you can pair with suits and semi-formal outfits, choose a good collar and fit that will work well with most jackets and any accessories you might want to add such as cuffs or ties.
  • The style extras, mandarin collars, linen tops, denim, flannel, corduroy, printed shirts, the choice is up to you, but add a couple of these to spice up your wardrobe.