Spice Up Your Look With Cufflinks


If you have ever wondered why you might need cufflinks in a masculine wardrobe, this article is for you. We will be explaining the benefits and functionality of cufflinks and why you should have them into your closet.

Let’s start with the basics. Cufflinks are accessory pieces used to attach both sides of the cuffs in men’s dress shirts. Apart from the suit itself, it is one of the most important pieces when it comes to formal attire. They provide extra style points and also function as they keep the shirt’s cuffs neatly attached for a more polished look.

You can indeed wear them with other types of outfit, even outside of a formal dress code. They are practicality a wardrobe essential for suits and a great statement piece to complete any look.

How to Choose Them

In this day and age, you have cufflinks in all price points, shapes, and styles. The market offers a variety of choices to fit every situation. Shop for the right set that compliments your aesthetic. 

  • If you want fancier cufflinks to level up your outfit, you can opt for a designer set. You have many from big jewelry houses like Bvlgari, Tateossian or Cartier, to fashion designer brands like Hugo Boss or Armani. Among these ranges, you will be able to find a great item that suits your style while taking your outfit a step further. 
  • Besides the traditional functional cufflink and designer items, you can also pick cufflinks that provide a louder statement. Choosing anything from more fun and creative versions to full-on iconic pieces like the ones of David Yurman or even handmade items. Any of them will give you that subtle but very noticeable distinction. 

The color, material, and shape of the cufflink are up to you. One thing to keep in mind is making sure you wear them with the correct types of shirts. This does not necessarily mean to wear them only with formal outfits or outfits that are cufflink “ready”. 

Cufflinks at the end of the day are a more elegant alternative to buttons. One that can be easily added to any outfit, even if a small modification needs to be made when substituting the button for a second buttonhole. Just because you can, does not always mean you should. The most important thing is to use them when it makes sense. Style them to those outfits to add a special touch or a hint of formality. 

Most of our readers are men, but if you happen to be a woman reading this, know that a good set of cufflinks catered to your man’s taste and needs can be a great present that not many people think about. Hopefully, you have gained some new knowledge about cufflinks that you didn’t know before. Be sure to read our other articles about men’s fashion and lifestyle.