How To Prevent Breakouts After Starting A New Skincare

Prevent Breakouts After Starting A New Skincare
ASK SUIT: Is it normal to get breakouts after starting a skincare routine?

Dear Adrian, 

Even though it might seem kind of odd since skincare is supposed to keep your skin looking its best, the answer is yes. It is indeed normal to get breakouts after starting a new skincare routine. It does not always happen, but it is not abnormal. Often the breakouts are not as severe as you think they are.

You can get face acne from many reasons. They appear due to hormonal imbalances, excessive sweating, ingredients reacting with your skin, etc. When you add new products to your skin you will most likely experience temporary breakouts because your skin is adjusting to a new formula. 

If you are not breaking out from reasons due to skincare like the ones mentioned above, you might be breaking out due to the following:

You are not following your routine properly

In order to prevent breakouts after starting a new skincare, there are certain rules that you need to follow especially if you are just starting. Factors such as using your products incorrectly, applying products in the wrong order ,or not washing your face before applying creams might be the reason behind your breakouts.

Using skincare incorrectly and applying products in the wrong order can affect your skin because it is not absorbing the product properly. The most crucial error you can make is not washing your face at night. It will contribute to clogged pores, texture, and acne. 

If you fail to properly cleanse your face and apply moisturizer, your skin will suffer as a result. The residue left on your skin will prevent your skin from breathing and renewing efficiently. With that in mind, adding face cream onto a dirty face, your skin will show unwanted signs of irritation. Break the habit of not properly cleansing your face to prevent future breakouts.

Your skin is overwhelmed

If are new to skincare products and suddenly you are using 4 to 5 products at once, it is normal for your skin to not know how to react. To avoid this, make sure to start introducing your products one by one. Let a couple of days past in between using new products to let your skin adapt. 

Start a new routine by introducing toner and light moisturizer to your skin. Apply the toner with a cotton pad as a cleansing agent and add a small quantity of the moisturizer to start hydrating your skin.

Your skin is getting use to your new products

To prevent getting breakouts after starting a new skincare routine you need to slowly introduce each product. If you start applying skincare after a lifetime of never applying anything, your skin might need a period to adjust and balance itself out. Water and oil levels are quite important to have clear and healthy skin. Using new products can unbalance it for a bit. This can be due to using too much of a product, choosing the wrong product for your skin type, or due to the normal balancing period of the skin.

Besides your water and oil levels getting rebalanced, your breakouts can also be due to your skin purging. This means “letting out at once all the junk that was hidden beneath the most superficial layers of the skin”. This can easily happen if you are starting to use active products that help exfoliate the skin.

An ingredient might not work well with your skin

This is the least probable if your skincare products were recommended to you specifically by a professional, but it is a possibility. A specific ingredient might not suit your skin well. 

If you have kept the previous advice of adding products one by one, you will be able to easily identify the product that is causing your breakouts. In that case, remove it from your routine until your skin clears out completely and you can give it a second try carefully. 

If your skin is doing good after trying it, continue to use it. It could be a specific reaction to your skin being in a bad state at the time. If breakouts show up again, completely discard the product. 

We are all different in our own ways. Some people might have a certain food allergy and some others have incompatibility to certain ingredients. If this happens, take it as a way to learn from your skin. Check out specific ingredients in that product and compare them with your other products. This will allow you to narrow down the list of ingredients that might be giving you a bad reaction to keep an eye out in future product choices.

Tips to prevent breakouts after starting a new skincare routine

– Introduce products one by one.

– Always wash your face at night.

– Make sure to massage products in, do not let them sit on top of your skin.

– Follow the right product order.

– Skip days if necessary, to introduce active products slowly. Do so until your skin has adapted to the ingredients.

– Use the correct proportion of the product. It is better to start with a smaller amount and add more if necessary rather than applying too much.

– Give your skin some time to adjust.

– Do not treat your skin roughly. you might alter the PH level or irritate it.

– Do not just use any product, get products that are suited for your specific needs and if possible consult with an expert.