Three Different Solutions for Men Battling Hair Loss

Men Battling Hair Loss

Ask Suit: What should I do with hair loss since I’m getting bald?

Dear Writer,

Men battling hair loss is a common issue that many struggle with. Due to genetics, external factors and lifestyle choices, many men end up losing hair. We know it can be a very stressful time since there is no fast solution. We are here to provide some suggestions so you do not lose confidence in your appearance.

Unless you are willing to go through medical procedures and expensive treatments, there is nothing you can do about certain types of hair loss. The next best alternative is making lifestyle and styling changes.

  • Embrace it with Grace:

Men battling hair loss are going through a stressful time. We know it is easier said than done but stressing out about it will not give it back. On the contrary, it might accelerate the process, set your mind and attention on other things knowing that you are more than your hair. You are not the only man suffering from this, as most men get to this stage at some point in their lives.

It is also good to know that women generally do not give as much importance to these kinds of things as you might think. You are equally as valuable and worthy with more or less hair. As a person, you have many positive attributes to bring to the table aside from your hair. Focus your attention towards staying confident and keeping your personality and building other parts of your physique or character. Do not forget, it is all about the attitude.

  • Maximize your styling:

Drop all the difficult hairstyling and excessive products and make it simple by keeping your hair as short as possible. The shorter your hair is the less contrast it will make in between the thinning areas and the fuller sections. Go to your hairdresser and explain how you want to conceal your current situation and get a haircut accordingly.

If you don’t mind a more extreme approach shaving is another option. It is not only another way to conceal your hair loss but it is also a very trendy hairstyle nowadays.

  • Treating and concealing:

If you have just bald spots or your hair is thinning in certain areas, there are a couple of things you can do to conceal and improve your hair condition:

Take supplements and improve your diet. Add vitamins and minerals that aid to strengthen hair and fight hair loss.

-Reduce stress levels and add more exercise to promote blood flow.

-Incorporate at-home treatments. Stimulating the scalp through massages, combing your hair and applying pressure. Do head inversions and add hair oils to your scalp from time to time.

-You can always visit a specialist and get some hair counseling or treatments.

-Use products that can help you conceal any thinning spots. Colored powders, sprays, and hair waxes can seal the deal. Do not feel bad for using them, not only do many women, but many male icons on media take advantage of these helpful products as well.

-Most importantly bring the attention towards other physical features such as a nice smile and good conversation. If you show confidence in the way you carry yourself, no one else will notice your thinning hair. It is called a distraction, and it works. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ASK SUIT.