SUIT MAKE x Open Closet: Pride Consultant Season 4

pride consultant

The time of the year has come again, an event known as pride consultant! It is our way of giving back to society in the best way we know how, by helping people. Specifically, we are providing guidance to recent graduates. Mentoring them so they can rediscover or find themselves and focus on improving their life and style.

Pride Consultant

Open Closet is a Korean company dedicated to giving young people the ability to dress appropriately. Everyone is welcome regardless of your background and financial situation. Not only do they help people dress well for their job interviews, but we also provide services like legal and career advising along with many others.

It has now been our fourth consecutive season in which we have collaborated with Open Closet as a part of “pride consultant. A volunteer project where we help the youth and recent graduates adapt to the working etiquette. We provide image consultation based on attire, life advice, styling tips, and personalized outfits so the participants can walk into the working field with maximum potential.

Why is it necessary?

Many people do not know how to face and achieve what they really want in life. Whether we like it or not, physical attributes are quite important in today’s society, especially in the business field.

Even though in countries like the US, attire is more relaxed if entering a start-up or any newer company, in countries like Korea formal etiquette is mandatory.

What we do:

-We carefully select the candidates together with Open Closet and all the other collaborators. Our focus is to select those who will be able to benefit the most from our help. Once that is settled, we start a group session orientation between volunteers and participants.

-SUIT MAKE goes through the basics of styling and the importance of all parts that have to do with outer appearance. Once pride consultant officially starts, we have one on one sessions to view each contestant’s concerns and profile. Not only do we cover style but we also regard life path and what they wish to do.

-After advising each participant in what would be beneficial to change in their life such as attitude and style, we meet with them to provide a second consultation. Here, we provide guidance for any further questions they might have while they try out their new outfits.

Often participants end up finding out what they want and how they can achieve it. Our goal is to improve their overall life along with finding them the right wardrobe for a better presentation of themselves.

If you are curious at all about pride consultant, you can see previous stories from former contestants. This is our fourth season of pride consultant and we hope to do many more in the future. Helping people, especially men become better versions of themselves is our main motto and we are happy to see that happen through different opportunities and situations.