How to Style Different Types of Brown Shoes

How to Style Different Types of Brown Shoes

Footwear is an important piece to any outfit. Today we will be focusing on how to style different types of brown shoes. They are not the easiest accessory to incorporate because the color is known to clash with many others. When they are on your feet, it gives the impression of being a medium between formal and sporty. If it the perfect in between.

Due to those reasons, many people find it difficult to cohesively style different types of  brown shoes but do not worry, we have some tips and tricks. Continue reading to discover which style of brown shows are worth adding to your wardrobe and how to best combine them with your outfits.


Loafers are a great shoe that provides an effortless style. They are comfortable, trendy, and easy to wear with almost any sporty outfit. Depending on your chosen style, you can wear them during the warmer months.

If the shoe is a slip-on, you can wear them without socks. If it is closed at the back, they are better worn with non-visible socks. We would advise you to not wear loafers with visible socks because pairing them with socks that show will have a similar effect to wearing socks and sandals.

You might feel cautious about wearing loafers but in reality, they are a fairly easy shoe to style. You can wear them with shorts, cropped chinos, and jeans. Keep in mind that brown loafers pair nicely with a white and beige color scheme.

Simple Lace-Ups

We recommend you to go for a simple design with no embellishment as that will make your pair easier to combine with multiple looks. They are appropriate in any season but for your comfort, you should probably avoid wearing them in extreme weather conditions like snow or hot summers.

You can wear brown lace-ups with chinos, certain jeans, trousers, and even suits as long as the color of your suit and your shoes match well. Avoid wearing black suits with brown shoes as that is a combination that is hard to pull off.


If you do not own boots yet, we highly recommend you invest in a good pair. Boots can make you go from plain Joe to a stylish man with just the right combinations. Boots are also a great accessory for colder months.

Brown boots are offered in many different styles. Some designs include lazing, zippers, and embellishments but the choice is yours. If you are only going to have one pair, we recommend you choose a style that is sleek and simple. A pair that will go with everything.

Pair your boots with items such as jeans and chinos. If you want to give your outfit a more casual look, roll-up the bottom part of your chosen pants, and voila.


-If you are curious about what brown shade to go for, have a look at your clothing items and see what will match best.

-Make sure that your shoe material will suit your lifestyle and current wardrobe. For example, suede does not combine will with items that leather might combine well with.

-Take into consideration the colors you are using in the outfit while combining your brown shoes. Darker and warmer browns are harder to combine as opposed to more neutral tones.

-If you want to keep your shoes, cleaner and in better shape for longer, make sure to get a slightly darker shade and store them properly after each use.