Why Should You Remove Masks After The Indicated Time?

Remove Masks After The Indicated Time
ASK SUIT: I read that masks should be removed after the time on the package. Why can’t I leave them on for longer?

Dear Mattias,

We know it might seem like a waste to remove masks after the indicated time even though it is not 100% absorbed. You might even think that leaving a mask on for longer will make your face more hydrated or give further benefits. The reality is it will only dehydrate your face, let’s elaborate.

When you are using a wash-off mask, in most cases it is a product that dries up which will consequently tug on your skin. This is the main reason why you do not want to let it dry to an excessive amount. It will add an unnecessary source of stress that might damage your skin.

What happens with sheet masks then?

When you use a sheet mask, the essence is absorbing into your skin to provide hydration. This is effective because the cellulose sheet that you have on top of your skin prevents the product from evaporating too quickly.

Essences have a runny texture, almost like water. After the initial “hydrating” effect, water evaporates. Your skin will become more dry as a result. This process does not provide hydration; it is just the sensation that your skin might perceive while being humid.

The truth is when the product evaporates from your skin, it removes any extra hydration that your skin initially had. You are using the same process when wearing a sheet mask. When the sheet starts to dry, it pulls out the hydration that was just applied. For this reason, you should remove the sheet mask after the indicated time. Leaving a mask on for longer will partially undo what you had otherwise done for your skin.

Why is the required time different depending on the mask?

The specific time of use for each mask will depend on the characteristics and density of the ingredients. Not only that, but the ideal time even changes depending on your skin type. If your skin type is more sensitive you might want to remove exfoliating masks quickly whereas if your skin tends to be dryer, you might want to leave hydrating masks on for longer.

We always recommend using the time given on each product. It does not need to be exact. You can leave it on for a little bit less or more than the maximum time while keeping it within the time frame.

How can you not waste any product?

There are many ways to use the remaining product in the package and also on the sheet mask:

  • You can just lather your sheet mask and the remaining product through the rest of your body. It is hydrating, fast-absorbing and not sticky so it is a good way to hydrate other parts of your body.
  • Use the remaining essence as a serum. Tightly close your sheet mask package so no air gets in and you can use a pea-sized amount after toner and before your other serum during each routine for the next couple of days. Do not use it longer than 2-3 days as the content of the package once open can go bad and grow bacteria.
  • If your hair is especially dry you can always add a bit of the remaining essence on the tips of your hair. Pour a nickel-size amount on your hands, rub together and apply onto the ends of your wet hair.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ASK SUIT.