SUIT MAKE Press Feature: Groove Magazine

SUIT MAKE Press Feature

We are proud to announce that SUIT MAKE has a press feature in Groove Magazine. SUIT MAKE has been stirring up some attention lately. In addition, we are showing our presence through our clients, volunteer work, and all the events we have been organizing and co-hosting. As a result, we are extremely honored to have this opportunity to share our company with other individuals.

SUIT MAKE press feature is in Groove Magazine’s September issue and we have all of you to thank for that. We are excited for what’s to come next, some fun and important events. Stay tuned as we will keep on revealing upcoming events, partnerships, and launchings.

From the start, our main focus has always been to help men become better versions of themselves. As aa result, our experience has proven to us that with just a few right adjustments regarding appearance and lifestyle choices we can help individuals move towards a positive direction. It all started as a hobby but we are excited to see SUIT MAKE grow and take off more and more every day, starting with an appearance in Groove Magazine.

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