The Importance of Men Applying Sunscreen Daily

Men Applying Sunscreen Daily

We understand that men applying sunscreen daily might seem like a hassle, but did you know that sun rays can damage your skin even when it is cloudy outside? Most people only wear sunscreen when they know they are going to be directly under the sun. The previous statement remains true during the summer months particularly. 

About 75% of sun rays penetrate through clouds, glass windows, and fabrics. Due to these reasons, applying sunscreen daily is very important even if it seems like there is no sun present or you are indoors.

The Benefits of Wearing Sunscreen Every Day

Sun is the number one cause of aging skin, many of us are aware of this. We can easily find drastic pictures showing the effects of the sun online, yet many people still do not use sunscreen daily.

By wearing sunscreen on an everyday basis, you will be able to prevent different after-effects of the sun. This includes skin discoloration, redness, skin sagging or fine lines, and wrinkles. Men applying sunscreen daily will minimize skin damage and avoid different effects such as melanomas and other variations of skin cancer.

How to Apply Sunscreen

-Make sure that your sunscreen has the correct protection. Not only in terms of having a high factor but also protection from both UVB and UVA. 

  • UVB tends to affect the outer layers of the skin causing a large part of visible damage such as sunburns or redness. It is also responsible for the production of vitamin D.
  • UVA, on the other hand, can affect deeper layers of the skin causing more serious but perhaps less visible (in the short term) damage. This is the “more dangerous” type as it can pass through many objects such as glass or fabrics. 

Apply sunscreen daily and often. You should aim to re-apply every couple of hours. If that is not possible, at least make sure that you apply it in the morning 20 min before being in the sun.

-Apply an adequate amount. For your face, you should apply the equivalent from a line that goes from the mid part of your index finger to its tip. 

-Don’t forget your neck. The above-mentioned amount is only for the face, but you can apply a similar amount to protect the neck. 

-It does not matter how tanned you got or the color of your skin. Your melanin levels do not act as UV block so you still should apply sunscreen daily. Many people with darker skin complexion make this big mistake. Protecting your skin will decrease sun damage.

Look and Be Your Best

We advise you to apply this product because it can protect you from further damage. As a result, you will look younger and healthier for longer. If you want to change your life and become the best version of yourself, like we always wish you to be, you should treat yourself like you already are all that you ever wished for. 

Would that person mistreat their body or the way they look? No, they would not. They would know they are the most important thing and therefore they would treat their body as their temple. That is right, your body is your temple, and your skin its largest organ. Make sure you treat yourself and your body with the care, gratefulness, and respect they deserve.