Wardrobe Essentials: The Tailored Pants

Tailored Pants

Do you own a perfect-fitting pair of pants? The style of pants play an important role in the outcome of your outfit, the best pair are always the ones that fit just right in all the correct places. Bottoms such as jeans, chinos, cargo, even gym pants are attributes when wearing well-fitted bottoms. The pants that fit you well are going to be the pair that you want to wear the most, especially if we are talking about suits or dress pants.

The Right Fit

In any given situation, the perfect fit shall not be too loose nor too tight. What does this mean in terms of dress pants?

  • They should not create any awkward wrinkles or fabric rolls that may look unflattering.
  • The fabric should not pull towards the sides creating weird shapes in any design accessories like for example pleats.
  • They should have the proper length, in our professional opinion, this means no break to a slight break. Never longer.
  • A proper fit in key areas such as the back, waist, tights, and joints.

With that in mind, there are certain areas that you should pay special attention to when choosing the correct pants. You need to examine them while standing and sitting down. Get a good idea if the current size and pattern fits your body type. Focus on these areas:

  • Zipper area, make sure it does not make any weird folds and wrinkles.
  • Outer Sides and knee area, this is especially obvious while seated, so make sure to sit down a couple of times while trying your new set of pants.
  • Front & Seat, fabric folds and wrinkles tend to form in this area under your waist and around your butt.

Tailored Pants

Men, similar to women, have different body types. It is difficult to find a perfect fit in a ready to wear pant size without any alterations. If you find it challenging to find pants that fit well and/or you like your items to fit you like a glove, you should consider getting tailored pants.

When doing so, you will notice the difference in how well the pants can fit your body shape and size. Keep in mind that alterations can be costly. Depending on the alterations you want to get, it can even be more expensive than the item itself.

Take into consideration that there are a couple of pants styles that every man should own:

-Suit pants and dress pants


-A good denim piece

Chinos and denim pieces are more easily found when searching for the perfect fit because they come in multiple sizes and styles.

Unfortunately, in terms of suits and dress pants, they need to be personalized in order to fit correctly. We recommend tailoring items regarding a formal dress code. In a casual setting, one can pull off a slightly oversized fit, but it would be incorrect to do so in a formal setting. Doing so will make you look well put together and differentiate you from the rest.