Helpful Tips on Styling Scarves for Males

scarves for males

We are parting ways from the summer season, this means a slight shift in the way we dress. Colder weather brings out new attire and accessories, one being scarves for males. Here at SUIT MAKE, we are a big fan of autumn. We get a break from the hot temperature. This allows us to freely explore the city without feeling like we are about to melt. Apart from the cozy landscapes and comforting food, autumn brings a big fashion trend: layering.

Autumn is the perfect season to start layering outfits and incorporating accessories to complete your looks. In this article, we are going to give you pointers on how to style scarves for males.

Fun Facts About Scarves

A scarf can be the finishing touch to any look. There is one for everybody, take the time to find the right brand, print, quality, length, and material. 

People tend to use a scarf when it is extra cold out but they can be used all year round. Do not be afraid to incorporate bigger and chunkier material when needed. The right scarf will be able to keep you stylish yet warm.

Scarves for males are a great fashion statement that adds additional style points and makes you look top-notch with suits.

There are multiple ways to tie a scarf so there are many uses with this single accessory.

It is a great item to offer to your date if she feels cold. She can throw it over her shoulder to keep warm but you won’t be freezing without it. 

How to Style Scarves

  • You can wear a scarf in jackets and suits. It will add an accent color, a nice pattern, or extra warmth. Keep in mind to wear a thinner fabric scarf for a more polished look.
  • You can tie your scarf as if it were a tie. Bring the long end of your scarf under the short end from the outside and over towards your neckline to create a soft knot.
  • If you have a shorter neck instead of twisting the scarf around it just let the scarf effortlessly hang from the back of your neck. This will give the illusion of a more elongated neck versus completely covering it with fabric.
  • Your scarf should hug your neck which means you should wear your scarves loosely. In return, it will reveal your neckline to elongate the appearance of the neck.
Helpful Tips

  • Wearing the same color tones in your outfit and scarf will give you a modern twist. Color coding has been super popular in the past seasons you just have to make sure that the undertones don’t clash.
  • When you pick your scarf make sure it suits the current weather so it just works into the outfit instead of looking out of place.
  • If it is very cold out you can always rock a reverse drape tuck. This will make sure your neck is kept warm and toasty under your scarf.
  • If you want to look chic but smooth make sure both end sides of the scarf do not hang at the same length this will give a more natural effect to the whole look.
  • If you are wearing other accessories around the neck, you might want to skip the scarf as it will disguise any necklaces or ties you may be wearing.

Take a look at this video to visually see different ways to tie your scarves.