A Quick Guide about Tattoo Removal

tattoo removal

Have you been thinking about a tattoo removal procedure? You have come to the right article. Tattoos have gained popularity over the years toward every gender and age group. They portray a message through a form of art and self-expression. An individual gets to flaunt their pieces without others knowing the hidden meaning behind the image.

The acceptance of tattoos is increasing in society now. It is more common for people in the business or formal workforce to have a tattoo of their own. With that being said, there are still reasons to get them removed. You could have changed your mind or feelings over the years. 

If you are thinking about ways to remove a tattoo, you can relieve your worries. Completely removing tattoos is possible, maybe not completely painless, but possible.


In the past, tattoo removal did not come with many options. The techniques used did not always have positive results due to the removal process and scarring after the procedure.

Today, the tattoo removal procedure has highly advanced leading to better results through laser. Not all lasers will have the same results. Due to the tattoo location, the color of the ink, and skin type, we recommend each individual to visit a specialist. A doctor that will be able to properly examine the tattoo, provide treatment options to partially or completely remove the piece depending on the patient’s wants and needs.


The lasers used for these types of procedures contain a strong beam of light. When it is directed at the tattoo, it collides with the ink to break down the substance. The ink will then be absorbed into the body and discharged out naturally within time. Here are some things to keep in mind about tattoo removal:

  • A proper physician should perform the procedure. Incorrect forms of removal will risk large scars and discoloration which can be harder to remove than the tattoo itself.
  • Not all lasers are the same. Make sure you are informing yourself about the best lasers and the outcome of the removal. This includes if you just want to fade it enough to get a cover-up.
  • It takes some time to get rid of tattoos. The duration of the time will depend on the colors in your tattoo, the quality of the ink, and how long you had the tattoo for. 
  • The process can be a bit painful. Not only during the treatment itself, but also a few days of soreness after. Blisters may also form but that will heal quickly with the proper aftercare.
  • How you care for your tattoo after each session and the aftercare your doctor provides will directly influence the result of your tattoo after the removal.


From personal experience, I have gone through 12 sessions and my tattoo is not completely gone. Here are my top 3 takeaways from my experience: 

  • Be patient, it may take more time than you would actually like.
  • Make sure to follow every step of the aftercare advised by your doctor.
  • Do the research and invest in getting a good treatment. The price you pay will most likely determine the quality of the result. 

When I started the removal process, I was visiting a franchise. After switching over to a proper specialist, I was able to see a drastic improvement in the result after each session. In Korea, the skincare and plastic surgery industry is very advanced. They use powerful lasers which provide great results and even got rid of previous scars. The clinic also provides anesthetic cream to decrease the pain. To reduce healing time, each session includes medicine and shots to help with swelling and prevent infection.

If you are able to receive your treatments in Seoul, I highly recommend you contact Seoul Cosmetic Surgery. They have the knowledge and experience to put you in contact with the best doctors and ensure you get the best treatment and recovery. If traveling is not an option, consider our tips and find a local specialist with experience and expertise in this field.