The Best Techniques Used to Knot A Tie

knot a tie

This article will focus on outfits that will go well with a tie and step-by-step instructions on how to knot a tie. A tie is a common accessory in a man’s closet. Although it is well used, there is a love/hate relationship and some use it more than others. Due to personal preferences, some believe that a tie will complete an outfit and add a touch of style and effort to your final look.

Why Add a Tie To Your Outfit

There are no rules to attire, essentially you can wear anything you want. An outfit is an expressive form of personality. For those who need some guidance, here are tips on when you might consider adding a tie.

-To add a hint of formality, if you are going to an event or an important appointment, you might want to incorporate a tie as it makes your outfit appear much more professional.

-If you want to accessorize your outfit while staying classy, you can always add a tie or a bowtie to keep a traditional look. Keep in mind that you can also spice up an outfit and make it more modern or daring with the right tie as well.

-A tie can be used to add some shape or color. If your outfit seems to be missing something, a tie can complete the look.

-For any formal events were attire includes suits, jackets and specific types of shirts, you most likely will want to add a tie to complete your look.

How to Knot Your Tie

When it comes to ties, there are many types of knots.Pratt, Kelvin, Nicky, Victoria… the list goes on. Here are three main knot techniques that will be beneficial for every man to use:

The Half Windsor

You will need to keep a longer side on the wider end in order to use this technique to knot a tie.

  1. Cross the wider end over the more narrow side.
  2. Bring it around the back.
  3. Loop the tie from the front through the middle of your knot.
  4. You will find yourself with a wider part that lies back to front, behind the shorter end.
  5. Wrap the wider end over the front of the current knot.
  6. Pass it towards the back and tuck it through the middle from behind.
  7. Once you have both ends front to front, loop it through the existing knot.
  8. Play with the knot to make it elegant and tight against the collar of your shirt.
  9. Pull upwards and add any finishing touches that may be needed.

The Windsor

You need to start with a much shorter narrow end in order to use this method to knot a tie. For this approach, go shorter than the previous one.

  1. The wide end will be crossed over the thin one and brought around the back.
  2. Loop though the middle from the front part as you did in the previous Half Windsor knot. Once again, you will find your wide end backwards.
  3. Bring the wide end to the opposite side from where it entered the loop and tuck it into the loop once again but this time from the front.
  4. You should have two small knots, each on opposite sides of the collar area.
  5. Taking the tie, which is once again back to front, to the opposite side and bring it across the front.
  6. Pull it through the neck hole from the back.
  7. Loop it through the current knot and adjust it to your preference.
  8. Once you are happy with your knot, squeeze from the bottom end up, to finish your look and create a more pronounced V shape at the bottom.

The Four in Hand

  1. Cross the wide end over the narrow one and go around the back.
  2. Continue towards the front until you are at the back again and then loop it through the middle.
  3. Insert into the front part of the loop.
  4. Squeeze the bottom of the knot to achieve a pretty and elegant look.
  5. Once you are happy with the shape of your knot, pull upwards and finish the look.

For additional guidance, you can watch this video to get a visual on how to achieve the knots mentioned above as well as other popular knots.