The Art Of Layering: Winter Fashion For Men

winter fashion for men

Winter is finally here which means temperatures are beginning to drop. For some, you might be tempted to repeat the same outfits in order to stay cozy. Bundling up thermal clothing, chunky sweaters, and thick coats to stay warm during colder months is common. Instead of disregarding your style points by wrapping yourself in a large blanket, let’s cover the essential winter fashion tips for men. The best way to keep yourself warm and stylish with layering.

The benefits of layering

Layering is a simple way to transform any outfit. It is an effective winter fashion technique for men to incorporate accessories and use other seasonal items during winter months without feeling extremely cold. Not only is it useful to stay warm, but it is the best way to stay comfortable throughout the entire day.

During winter, we tend to experience drastic changes in temperatures from being indoors to outdoors. If you are wear very thick and heavy items, you might be warm while being outside but too hot when inside and vice-versa. The benefit of layering items is that you can remove your outer layers according to your comfort and keep your body warmth at a perfect temperature. This will not only be more comfortable for you but it will also decrease the possibilities of getting sick because you will not have to face constant temperature changes that challenge your immune system.

Now that you know the benefits of layering, here are some tips on how to incorporate this technique like a pro:

One Item Many Outfits

If you have limited clothing to choose from every day, layering will allow you to create multiple outfits using one article of clothing. Mix and match items, accessories, and outerwear to create the perfect look for different occasions.

Add Patterns and Colors

When layering, avoid going fully monochrome. Use one color as the main theme but add accents around the center piece to spice up your look. For example, if you are wearing black jeans and a black sweater you can add a white shirt and make the collar visible to give some character to an otherwise plain outfit.

Make Sure Your Colors Match

This shall be a given but just like in any other outfit, having a color palette that goes together should be a main point when selecting your clothes. If you want to add pops of color, use a neutral base to avoid colors from clashing.

Do Forget About Accessories

Hats, scarves, gloves… All have a place when layering. Using the right accessories can complete the look and provide extra protection for any sensitive areas.

Play with Lengths and Shapes

Fashion experts will advise that outer layers should always be longer than inner layers or items should follow the same shapes, but that depends on the style you are going for. Don’t be afraid to go outside of the boundaries and mix and match different pieces of clothing. Fashion is a form of expression, be your own judge on what looks good and what does not. Nowadays, dressy shirts coming underneath baggier sweaters are popular for informal day to day looks. Many similar outfit combinations are now trending. Find the layering technique that suits your style best.

There but Not There

Some of you may only be interested in adding warmth to your look rather than adding style. To add warmth, you can add items such as thermal clothing or basics under your everyday outfits.

Do Not Be Fearful of Patterns

When layering, patterns can be a great item to add. If you do not know where to start, begin by adding  one or two pieces with similar patterns. Mix them with monochrome and simple items to play around with different combinations. Once you get the hang of it, you can incorporate more.

Get Layering Basics

If you want to layer like a pro you should get layering friendly items. Clothing items such as jackets, button-downs, blazers, vests, cardigans, sweaters, turtlenecks, sweaters, and hoodies will be your best allies. Have fun and see the countless outfit combinations you can create with this winter fashion trend for men.