Steps to Look Your Best On Your First Date

first date

The right outfit to wear on a first date is something many men struggle with. After finally gaining the momentum and courage to ask that special person out on a date, you want to make a impressive first impression. You will often find yourself in front of your closet or sitting at your desk pondering about what should you wear so you are not too casual yet not too formal.

Why is your outfit important?

It does not matter where you met your potential date, it could have been on the internet, at work, from a friend of a friend, a first date is a new setting. It is an important setting, one that will determine where the relationship might go such as an important meeting or interview therefore, you want to look your best.

Wearing a well put together attire is important because it may be the chance someone can see you in a different light. Whichever the case is, you want to be considered as someone that is worthy of being in a relationship with and holds a lot of value.

When you arrive at a first date dressed up nicely, it denotes that you put in effort. It will give your date the impression that you care enough to take time to be presentable.  A little bit of care will not only make you look more attractive but it will also subconsciously give you extra bonus points. Stay true to yourself while bringing the best version of yourself to the table. Here are some tips what to wear on your first date:

Make sure your clothes are presentable

You would be surprised by how many times a bad clothing items can give a bad first impression. Without realizing, your clothes may contain stains, wrinkles, holes… we have seen it all.

To avoid that when you choose items for your first date make sure all your items are completely clean and in good condition. A frequently ignored yet highly effective tip is ironing your clothes. This additional step can transform your look making your attire look crisp and sharp. These might seem like small details when they are taken care of, but they send a strong message.

Adjust the outfit to the occasion

A date does not always mean you need to arrive at her door step with a dozen roses and a full suit. Although the roses would be a nice gesture, dress according to the occasion.

There is a time and place for everything. you may have formal dates and events when a suit would be appropriate but if your first date is in a casual setting such as lunch, movies, or a sport event a more comfortable outfit would be the right choice. A semi-formal outfit would be the most effective to wear on a first date. An example would be chinos and a relaxed button-down.

Grooming is key

Represent yourself as individual who is capable of doing things to look their absolute best. A nice haircut and a fresh shaved or trimmed beard can elevate your look. Go the extra mile by having hydrated lips, well moisturized hands and a nice fragrance by wearing cologne.

Nice hands are a very attractive feature in a man and a male’s scent is extremely memorable. These extra steps will give your date another reason to think about you after the day is over. Small things bring big changes and effort is also noted.

Let your personality shine

A lot of attributes that go into a preparation for a date is important but the one that seals the deal is your attitude. Be someone who is interesting to talk to and is capable of a good conversation. Even if you think you may not be the most attractive person, having a engaging conversations with someone is more important that your looks. Be playful and show genuine interest in the conversation by asking more than just surface level questions. This will build attraction and interest with one another.

Some no-fail outfits

When it comes to dating a new person, the date can resemble a new universe. Ultimately, you should do and wear what represents the best version of yourself. Here are some simple combinations that go well in any situation:

  • Well fitted jeans and a good white button-down shirt. It is simple and laid back but also sort of sexy if you roll your sleeves up and wear a slightly open collar.
  • Slacks or chinos with a sweater. A simple and tidy outfit making you look reliable.
  • A t-shirt and an oversized cardigan for the perfect boyfriend look.
  • Dressy pants and a simple shirt for a more formal date.
  • All black, for the ultimate outfit that can never go wrong.
  • Leather or jean jackets for a stylish vibe.

There are multiple outfit combinations to wear suits with basic tees, layered outfits, two-piece items… but in short, stick to basics for outfits that can’t go wrong. They will have a nice fit that will be able to properly present yourself. The outfit makes the man. Wear nice pieces and accessorize with good watch, sunglasses, a scarf or a nice pair of shoes.