Korean Menswear Designers That You Need To Know

Menswear Designers

Menswear designers have been stepping up their game during recent years. Fashion is evolving and its focus is no longer on just females. The industry is also slightly pivoting in geographical terms.

World capitals such as Paris, Milan, London, and New York and their respective fashion weeks continue to lead the fashion world. When talking about menswear, we must highlight Milan. Pitti Uomo is Milan’s special fashion event dedicated entirely to men. It remains the most important international venue when it comes to menswear worldwide.

As we speak, more and more fashion capitals are emerging. Among those, Seoul is coming strong with creative and powerful designers that are in high demand. Korean fashion is trending and it is no different in menswear. South Korea is recognized as a core fashion-forward destination when it comes to male fashion trends.

Korean Designers that You Need to Get to Know

Men’s standard of “beauty”, or looks, are constantly being challenged. The entertainment industry demands perfection in the way people look and the way they dress.

This is encouraging designers to put more emphasis when developing their collections. As a result, every year, an increasing amount of unique and creative designers have joined the fashion game. There are plenty of designers available, but here are the menswear designers that you must absolutely get to know.

Han Chul Lee

Han Chul Lee which names both brand and designer brings you delicate semi-couture menswear that has structure and holds great attention to detail. Active since 2014 this brand has slight street style elements but also beautifully well made formal pieces that will make you stand out from any other man out there.

Navy Studio

A fairly new brand that defines itself as “Smart and Gentle” creates collection after collection items that will make any man look sophisticated and reliable through its simple designs. A delicate sense of elegance and strength, perfectly paired with neutral tones and a timeless aesthetic that creates an effortless yet smart dandy look.


Elegant yet fearless, and at times even dangerous. This brand holds darker collections not necessarily in terms of their colors but more so the overall vibe and aesthetic of its pieces which give a sense of power and almost unreachability to the wearer. Definitely the brand to choose if you want to add a tad of mystery to your persona.


A brand made of luxurious menswear pieces that gains Münn its worldwide praise with every collection. A balanced mix of Korean and Western elements and a touch of great creativity inspire all his pieces. When you look at the items up close, you will realize they hold a different feeling from any other suit, shirt or jacket you have ever seen or bought.