Help your Mind Adapt to the Winter Season

Adapt your body to winter season

You might have been feeling under the weather lately and to be fair it is quite a normal stage that most people tend to go through during winter season.

Days become less bright and sunny, temperatures drop, there is more night time than day time hours and coupling season can be exciting, but only depending on your current love situation. If you have been feeling uninspired lately and you do not know how to get yourself back on track here are three simple things that you can do to put your mind back at an optimal state for this upcoming winter season.

Start by listing your goals

Winter comes at the end of the year, and the end of the year many times seems to bring out on us those feelings of uncertainty and worry. It might remind you of all the things you have not done but you said you would do, make you think that soon you will be turning another year older, realize how quickly time passes or even make you ponder on how you might not be doing the most you can with that time. During these moments it is easy to get insecure about not being exactly where one would want to be.

These are feelings that everyone struggles with, feelings that seem to magnify during winter as the new year and holidays keep on getting closer and closer. To fight against all of it, make sure that you take some time to yourself to create a list of intentions. Don’t just list things as new year resolutions that you will never make happen and you end up completely forgetting about in a couple of weeks. Sit with yourself and really think about what you want now. Do not wait, if you want it, start now.

Make a list of those things that you really wish to achieve, they can be simple things like improving your work-life balance, taking better care of yourself, or big goals like dramatically changing your career. Whatever those goals might be, what is truly important is that you list not only the end product but also the small steps that you can take on a daily basis to achieve those goals. That is what will make start carrying out those small steps and goals easy. Seeing that you are actually following through will make you feel good, it will prove to your inner self-critic that you are indeed showing up for yourself which will make you more confident and therefore increase momentum to change those things that you wish to change.

Take time to enjoy the good things about this season

Some things about winter are off-putting but winter also has great things going on. Take time to enjoy those things so you don’t feel like your days are just passing by. Try to unwind by taking a small trip with friends, family or alone. Try to do something like skiing or snowboarding, if you like it it would be a great time to enjoy and if you have never tried it is never too late to learn, it could become a new hobby that you end up loving.

Winter activities do not have to be as drastic as skiing, they can also be simple things like going to see the lights in your city, eating winter foods and snacks or just taking time to have a meeting with old friends that are coming back to town for the holidays.

Don’t be overwhelmed by social compromises

Winter season also comes with a lot of pressure. Lots of work, many social compromises, business gatherings and the sometimes loved and sometimes hated family time during the holidays. Winter and its upcoming holiday season have been shown to highly increase levels of stress for many people regarding their social, work, and family environments.

This year do yourself a favor and take it easy. Know your boundaries, know when you are too stressed or too tired to do something and do not feel like you have to say yes to every social compromise. It is healthy to take time to unwind and you should not force yourself to attend all events or things you might not want to attend. Of course, there might be some events that hold a bigger compromise and you might feel more pressured to have to attend, even if you do not feel like it. But try to take it all with an easy mind, go with the flow in unavoidable situations and leave when you can. Skip on those things that are making you overly stressed and are not necessary. Enjoy what you can, let yourself flow through those things that you can not change and skip those things that are not doing you good. But overall, do any of the above, well, do it all without regret.