How Men Can Manage the Appearance of Gray Hair

Manage The Appearance of Gray Hair

Visible signs of hair loss use to be the most common source of stress. Now, men can manage the appearance of gray hair with ease. When it comes to the way your hair looks, grays seem to be more acceptable because life expectancy has increased. Different life stages such as finishing higher levels of education or settling down with a partner seem to be held up for later in life.

With this overall change, it makes sense that the pressure to hold a younger appearance is a growing concern amongst women, as well as men. Gray hair can show up prematurely and unannounced making men feel like they are aging too fast. To put you at ease, here are some of our best tips to correct, accept, and care for graying hair.

Tips if you wish to conceal

Men can manage the appearance of gray hair quite easily. If noticeable gray hair is a source of concern for you, we have good news. Concealing or eliminating the signs of gray hair has many possible solutions. Men’s grooming used to be a big taboo, but more and more men oriented salons are approaching everywhere.

A male going to a salon and changing their hair color or getting hair treatments is no longer considered strange. If doing something as permanent as dying your hair sounds like too much of a commitment, there are also short term solutions available. Depending on your desired outcome there are different products and procedures you can use to correct the color of your hair.

Hair mascaras and Hair powders

If your hair is starting to get some gray in sparse areas, you do not have to dye all of it. You can always opt for colored hair mascaras and hair powders to help you conceal any appearing gray areas. They are quick and easy to use while providing temporary coverage.

There are a variety of colors available for different hair tones. They can be purchased from multiple stores that carry beauty related items and online retailers. If you still do not know how to use the product after purchasing, there are simple online tutorials you can watch to get a better understanding.

Colored Shampoos

These products will not completely eliminate all traces of graying hair but they will help enhance your natural color and reduce the appearance of graying hair with each wash.

They are not as permanent as hair dyes but more long-lasting than mascaras and powders. Similar to other hair care products, they are also available in a wide range colors to match different hair tones.

Dyeing your hair

If you want a more long-lasting solution, dying your hair is the way to go. You can visit a salon where a professional can conceal your grays while getting a fresh hair cut while you are there. A less expensive alternative would be purchasing a at home product to do yourself.

Either way, know many people go through the same thing. You do not have to feel embarrassed about your hair graying or you wanting to conceal that fact. Keep in mind that if you decide to start dying your hair, you should care and maintain it. Dyed hair needs extra care because it will fade overtime and need to be continuously touched up every couple of weeks.

If you decide to go natural

Graying hair is nothing negative and many people enjoy the look that it gives. Without looking too far, 5 years ago gray hair was all the craze among young people and fashion idols everywhere. Nowadays, you can still see many people, both younger and older, rocking this hair color as a trend. If you wish to go with the flow and keep your gray hair here are some good tips to follow.

Take extra care of your hair

Gray hair tends to get dryer and become more brittle as time goes by. Make sure to take good care of your hair no matter if you apply color to it or not. If you choose to keep your natural hair you will need to give some extra nourishment to it because it will begin to lose shine. Using the right shampoo, conditioner, and products to help maintain good health for your hair.

To counteract the lack of shine, use less styling products and heat tools. Change the matte finish of your styling products for a more dewy look. If it is possible, completely substitute them for hair care products instead like hair oils or serums.

Keep the right cut

As hair goes gray it is even more important to keep it well polished. This will be the determining factor of your hair looking stylish or making you age in appearance. For the concern of making men appear older, they tend to go for shorter haircuts. If you have a nice head of hair and you take care of it properly, a longer cut of silver hair will add additional style points to your look.

Take importance out of it

Graying hair indeed signifies a change, but it does not have to be a change in every area of your life. You do not get old the minute your hair turns gray. Being “old” is about the attitude. If you keep a youthful mind, gray hair is no more than an accessory.

Use it as a source of style

If you can conquer it, use it to your advantage. It is true when people say that gray hair gives a more mature image. Maturity does not necessarily have to be something negative. Gray hair can also make you look more elegant and distinguished if you know how to work with it. Get a nice style to accompany it with good looking clothes that enhance your qualities. You might be surprised to see that silver hair might be more of an advantage than a disadvantage.

Use products targeting your current hair status

As we have previously mentioned, graying hair tends to get drier and lose its shine more easily. To avoid that, besides using better styling products, also make sure that you wash your hair less frequently. When you wash it with products targeting gray or other hair concerns, you will see that managing the appearance of gray hair is a simple task.