Why Men Should Invest in A Tailored Coat

Invest in A Tailored Coat

For our winter series, we have broken down the importance of outerwear. We discussed everything from how to layer items to knowing if a coat has the right fit for you. If you have been in search for a well-fitting coat, you know that it is not an easy task. Having at least one formal or semi-formal coat that fits perfectly is a wardrobe essential for any men out there. Today, we are going to go over reasons why men should invest in a tailored coat.

How Should My Coat fit

For an in-depth explanation about how a coat should properly fit, take a look at our editorial on this topic. Here is a brief rundown on some main points to have in consideration when wearing or buying a coat:

-You should be able to move around.
-Your coat should fit comfortably while having layers underneath.
-Your buttons should be able to close and stay put effortlessly.
-The coat should not be pulling anywhere.
-You should have enough room while not having fabric rolls due to an oversize coat.
-The length should be appropriate to your chosen style and height.
-The shoulders should fit in their designed space.
-Your sleeve length should be able to cover your full arm and hands with the help of gloves.

What to look for in a Coat?

The right fit and style of your chosen coat is an essential if you want to avoid common winter issues. Not taking the time to find the right coat will result in not keeping yourself properly warm or having to buy different outerwear pieces for different temperature ranges. The right coat depends entirely on the necessities you want to fulfill. Your daily lifestyle and the weather conditions of your current home town are a good way to start but here some universal characteristics that you should consider:

-A good coat needs to be warm. The thickness will depend more on your specific location.
-Materials and fabrics need to be breathable. Keeping the body warm is important but so is letting the body breathe. This will avoid feeling like you are in a sauna every time the temperature slightly rises.
-It needs to be versatile. Having statement pieces is great if you have a lot of coats already but having one that you can wear with different outfits is a must.
-It should consist of good materials. This will not only assure that you keep warm but also the drastic effect on durability and style.
-Last but definitely not least, one very important factor is that it needs to fit you well.

Fit is one of the most important factors. Not only because it will look more attractive on, but because the right fit will keep you well insulated by avoiding cold from entering. For a coat to fulfill all these needs and wants, we recommend men to invest in a tailored coat.

Tailored Coats

The advantage of tailored coats is that by using your measurements, you can ensure that your coat will fit you perfectly while having all the features you want.

It will be a customized piece made just for you. Many times, there will be coats that you like that fit well in certain areas but due to your physical attributes, you would have get different parts altered. Alterations for clothing is expensive. Even though it will fit better than how it was sold, the fit of a regular coat will not compare to the fit of a tailored coat. That is unless the coat is completely remade which would be costly and also time-consuming.

Depending on how many alterations you will need and your specific desires, especially in terms of quality, I strongly recommend for you to think about adding more tailored pieces into your wardrobe. Coats and suits would be our first choice of clothing to be tailor-made. Having at least one good quality coat is just as important as having a good quality suit.

Investing in a tailored coat can be more of an investment if compared to regular mass-produced items. The durability, look, fit, and quality of a tailor-made coat will always give you a run for its money. It will last for a long time while staying relevant in terms of fashion. It can add classiness and style compared to basic coats sold in retail stores. Investing in yourself will never go out of style.