How To Exercise When You Have No Time

How To Exercise When You Have No Time

Up until recently, pushing your limit at the gym seemed like the only possible way to keep yourself in shape and achieve your dream body. Due to today’s hectic lifestyle, we are not all able to find the strength, motivation, or time to carry out such a long and prioritizing routine. If you want to know how to exercise when you have no time, we have a solution.

Instead of finding a way to create more hours in a day to squeeze in physical activity, we have a new option. An alternative to staying fit without sacrificing all your free time and energy in uncountable hours at the gym. A solution based around a change in lifestyle but most importantly, a change in your mindset. Exercising comes with many benefits such as improved quality of health, daily productivity, and a boost of energy.

Quality versus quantity

We know from many areas of our lives that more time does not necessarily equal better results. For example, you always gain better results from two hours of good quality work or study rather than ten hours of semi-focused work. This mentality does not have to change when it comes to fitness.

Let’s debunk a myth right here and now. You do not need to dedicate a lot of time to get in shape. Knowing that now, here is what you can do to stay in good shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle to exercise when you have no time to spare.

Change your lifestyle

In this area, we are not only talking about making better food choices or adopting healthier habits. Taking supplements, drinking more water, or sleeping better are great changes to make but it is proven that all areas of improved lifestyle will reflect in your weight. It can be shown in how you digest, absorb, and process fats, vitamins, or proteins. If your goal is to make your health and fitness a priority, we have to take it one step further.

Incorporate physical changes in the way you do things during your everyday life. Start walking instead of taking the car, using public transportation, or biking to your destination. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Even just simply standing and moving around will make a big difference in your daily physical activity. Step by step you are helping your body stay active and lean by creating new habits. Being in good shape should not be a special event. It should be apart of your daily life if you want to make a long term change. This is especially true if you want to exercise when you have no time to practice other activities.

High-intensity workouts

Changing your lifestyle is mandatory, but there is a way to achieve better results that help you get into shape with minimal time sacrifice. The answer to that is incorporating high-intensity training. It has been proven that for thousands of years our bodies were constantly active. Sure, they had no sugar and premade foods available but they did not have gyms either. Staying in good shape was not an option, it was not a matter of aesthetics but a matter of survival.

To be able to reach for the food, to hunt the prey, or to survive the danger, their bodies had to be in optimal condition. There was no strength training nor spinning classes in the past. They did have the same amount of high-intensity effort applied for short periods of time to resolve daily situations. That is the base in which short high-intensity workouts are based upon. In doing your absolute maximum for a limited amount of time to achieve the best results.

There are many variants of modalities that have been showing tremendous results. Programs like Tabata training, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), or WildFit have been acquiring consistency in what we thought was an already done market and situation. It proves that long workouts are not necessarily the only way nor the best way to stay fit. You could achieve great results by dedicating something as short as a couple of minutes to half an hour.

Lifestyle and conditions have changed a lot but our bodies have remained quite similar. That is why if our current modus does not always work, wouldn’t it make sense to look back and learn from what use to work before? Adapt your diet, change your lifestyle and try high-intensity training and let us know your results.