How to Become a Better Version of Yourself

Become a Better Version of Yourself

At SUITMAKE, our goal is to motivate you to reach your highest potential. We guide you in becoming a better version of yourself by discussing different topics on how to make your life better in the long run. We not only care only about how you look but also about how you feel overall. Our purpose is to help you improve your well-being in every sense. Today, we are giving you tips on how to better yourself from the inside out.

Step outside of your comfort zone

Improving is about changing, reaching new goals, and trying new things. It is not necessarily about becoming stagnant. Our biggest advice for you this year is to try something new. Be open to taking in new activities and making impromptu choices.

To start the journey of becoming a better version of yourself, do things that you may not have skill in. If you never learn new things you are allowing very little space for improvement. All it takes is to try and try hard. Even if it is something that you feel like you have mastered, give it a second twist. Try another approach, you might find a newer and better way to rebrand your mastery. Don’t get comfortable, keep on growing every day that is what differentiates you from the average. This will bring us to our second point, take risks.

Take risks

Stop limiting yourself. Stop giving yourself a thousand excuses for why you can’t do one thing or another. How you might be too old, too out of shape, or too tired. Take those chances that are given to you in life. This does not necessarily mean to jump on the first crazy investment opportunity or to sell your house and move to your dream destination. It is more focused on small changes that still have the potential to make huge improvements.

Actions such as approaching someone you are attracted to, trying an activity that you have been putting off due to looking inexperienced, asking for a salary increase, going on a trip that has been on your bucket list, or learning a new language. Do those things that might give you a slight sensation of fear or adrenaline and change your opinions. This may not only give you bigger and better chances but also change your way of thinking. Create a new vision of who you are when you realize that you can achieve any goal you set your mind to. The “NO” is already given if you do not try. Change your mindset from “I can’t” to “I did”. Absolutely, it might be scary and yes, it could hard. It might not have ended perfect, yet you did it anyway.

Practice mindfulness

You have learned from us the benefits of mindfulness. It not only affects your personal life and health but also your business life. Mindfulness can be achieved through many different techniques, meditations, and exercises. You can start by being out in nature but the most important one is to live in the moment. Stop worrying about what it could have been or what it would possibly be, you have no power on either. Instead, work on enjoying what you have now. It is something you can control now and something you will never get the chance to experience again. Your today will be your past tomorrow so make it count.

Create your perfect environment

Even if you do not realize it, your environment sets the tone for your mental state. They say that a messy room or office is equivalent to a messy mind. In order to improve your mental and physical clarity but also skyrocket your efficiency levels, make sure to declutter and keep an environment catered to your needs. Once you have that space in which you feel extremely comfortable and efficient, you will see how much of a difference it makes in every aspect of your life.

Look after your health

If your house is your home your body is your temple. Both home and temple should be perfectly taken care of. Food, exercise, mental health, healthy relationships, balanced work, and social life give you time to enjoy your hobbies. Health is not only one thing, but it is also an ensemble of many. Whatever your health and body might need, make sure you provide that to yourself. In the meantime, there are aspects that can always improve in life. Your diet, water intake, hours of restful sleep, exercise, and unplugging your mind can also be better. Improving will only bring you closer to a better version of you.

Cultivate your own self

Dedicate at least 10 minutes a day for personal improvement. You will not get to the perfect version of yourself in one day, nor in one month, even in one year. What you can do is make constant changes to get one step closer to where you want to be. Realize that whatever you learn and all the changes you make are accumulative. If you dedicate time every day to become better, at the end of the year you will improve from who you are at this moment.

Do not leave the change for tomorrow, because tomorrow you might find yourself in the same situation. Instead of trying to change yourself completely in one day and getting overwhelmed by not having the results you wish for, having too much on your plate, or not knowing where to start, start today. Take one small step at the time and day by day.

Learn something new

This is slightly related to our previous point but also different. It is not necessarily about adjusting something that already exists, but incorporating something entirely new. Learn how to play the instrument you always wanted to learn, read that book that has been sitting on your table, paint, listen to a podcast.

Basically, cultivate a new skill also cultivates your mind in becoming a better version of yourself. This will not only create new neuropathways to help fight neurological decline but also will give you opportunities to try something new. Learn new things about your persona that you might have never even thought you had.