Winter Fashion: Must Have Sweaters for Men

Sweaters for Men

Sweaters are a staple item that can bring coziness to your wardrobe. A winter essential that you can still wear to layer your autumn clothing or warm up a chilly spring day. There are many types of sweaters available in the market ranging from style, thickness, color, etc. Today, we are going to go through basic must-have sweaters for men that should always live in your closet. With these four pieces in your wardrobe, you will have something to wear for any occasion.


Men will often overlook turtleneck sweaters. If you don’t own one, know they not only keep you warm but also give the impression of having put extra effort into your appearance. They fit wonderfully, elongating the neck and adding a stylish touch to a minimal outfit. They are also great for keeping your throat area protected during colder months. Different style turtlenecks can be worn for different occasions. Thicker textures or materials, go better with more informal outfits. While a thinner and more sophisticated fit can be easily paired with jackets and semi-formal pants. Turtlenecks can add simplicity and style to your look. Consider adding turtlenecks in many different materials if you do not own any yet. But try to begin with a neutral range of colors, if you are starting to build up your wardrobe.


Cardigans are another perfect sweater for men. Nowadays a no-fail article of clothing that you should start incorporating. With a slightly more romantic and informal vibe, cardigans have passed from being a grandpa item to the new youthful winter accessory that is here to stay. In terms of cardigans, there are many styles to choose from. Styles ranging from slim fit, loose fit, double neck, button-up, preppy look, etc. Whichever you pick should be chosen according to your lifestyle and necessities but make sure you try plenty of different styles before going for a specific one. Trying different types of cardigans will allow you to know what looks best on you and therefore assure you get the perfect cardigan for you.

V Neck

V Necks can not only help you achieve a slightly more daring vibe but they are also a great item to layer. You can pair them with other clothing pieces such as turtlenecks or button-up shirts. They look great under jackets, suits, and blazers. V Necks are a wonderful way to polish a look or slightly dress up or down an outfit without losing style points. They will allow you to stay warm without looking shabby. In return, achieving a smart casual look. In order to find the perfect V neck, make sure that you consider the situation in which you will be wearing them. If it is part of semi-formal wear avoid something too long, too short, too fit or too loose. Go for a natural medium that looks effortless yet polished.

Classic Crew Sweater

The classic crew neck is everyone’s long-time favorite sweater. Being a classic does not necessarily mean that they have to look boring. Classic crew sweaters can be just as stylish and trendy as any other sweater. The only main difference is the neck shape. While other sweaters have a different neckline, crew sweaters have the traditional round neck that softly goes around your neck. Due to their simplicity, you can get creative with the fabrics, colors, and patterns to add to your wardrobe. It does not matter if it is the “ugly” Christmas sweater or a neon-colored one, you will still be able to pair them with jeans or semi-formal pants without looking too over the top. Just to make sure that you end up wearing your new item, always have a look at the width of the neckline so you know your new sweater actually fits comfortably.