How to Choose the Perfect Work Bag for Men

the Perfect Work Bag

Carrying a work bag to this day is still a foreign concept to many men out there. Even in situations where a bag could potentially become a necessity, there is still some hesitation before use. During the ’50s and ’60s, men who carry work bags and briefcases were quite common. Since then, the sight has somehow been lost over the years in many countries.

Luckily, men who use bags in the business world have come back. They are a great way to not only make your outfits more stylish but also make your life significantly easier especially when you have to commute daily. Today we are giving you six great alternatives that we consider the perfect work bag for men. The selection we provide is perfect for multiple situations to simplify the way you travel and carry your daily necessities.

Messenger Bags: Perfect Mobility

Messenger bags, which originated to facilitate the transportation and delivery of courier are still one of the most comfortable bags to move around with. Probably one of the most versatile work bags that you can find. They are convenient to carry but also functional to use. They generally have many compartments where you will be able to easily organize all of your items. If you tend to commute using vehicles such as bikes or bicycles there are one of the best choices to choose. You can rest them over your shoulder and across your body to easily carry all your things.

Briefcases: The it Item for Suits

Briefcases are a perfect work bag for men. They originally have a sturdy rectangular shape and in most cases some sort of security measure. In the past, the use of a briefcase was to transport important documents. Nowadays, briefcases can be used in a more relaxed form than their predecessors while still keeping a more structured shape when comparing to other items.  A more traditional way to carry a briefcase in the past was by a single handle. To create a more modern look, you can find some models that incorporate some sort of strap. This will allow you to carry them on the shoulder for extra comfort. Even with the slight changes, briefcases are still one of the best items to pair up with suits. As they generally have more robust materials, it has the ability to pair with most formal looks.

Satchel bags: Classic And Double function

Satchels in the past were mostly used to carry books. They have a slightly similar look to the messenger bags. You can carry both items on the shoulder and crossbody, but the messenger bags tend to incorporate all sorts of materials. Satchel bags mostly have soft leather and incorporate a slightly longer strap. Satchel bags can also at times come with double straps that allow you to use them as a backpack. A general design for messenger bags is to wear them on your back while satchels are resting along the hip. The biggest difference lays in the look as satchels tend to give a more vintage vibe whereas messengers are generally seen as more modern and multipurpose use.

Portfolio Bags: The Stylish Bag

Portfolio bags could be easily described as men’s clutch. Many will consider portfolios to less comfortable because you have to carry them by hand but will in exchange greatly accentuate your style. Most commonly used to carry paperwork and laptops, they are still a bag in which you will be able to add some of those extra random items that you might need throughout the day. Portfolio bags are also gaining more and more popularity as they make a good formal accessory. It is also the perfect after work item to bring along when you are having a drink after business hours.

Backpacks: The multipurpose

When we talk about backpacks, going to school might come to mind. School is now over, yet there are many elegant and useful backpacks available to pair with your business attire. Leather backpacks with simple lines seem to be a favorite among many young businessmen as their bag of choice to carry around the city. Backpacks will indeed be a great choice for you if you want to stay looking chic without having to worry much about where to put your bag or how to distribute the weight when the things you have to carry get heavy.

Tote bags: Simple Choices

A tote can surprisingly be a perfect work bag for men. They are a minimal and simple choice that you can easily combine with anything and everything. The best thing about totes is that they are generally very lightweight and simple. This means you will not only be able to easily pair them with looks but also not have to worry about having extra weight. You can find totes in a wide range of shapes, prices, and materials. This makes them a super easy choice to get and carry around everywhere.