Casual Boots for Men and Tips to Style Them

casual boots for men

Last week we went over boots that you could pair up with dressy looks. We mentioned styles that can easily go with not only daily wear but also anything ranging from suits to slacks and even semi-formal outfits. Today we will instead be going over casual boots for men. Casual boots are items that have been adding up in terms of style and can be used to help elevate your daily wear.

Military and combat boots

These are a great casual boot choice for men and also a staple to add to your wardrobe. A pair of boots that will add character and toughness to any outfit. Do not think military-style boots and combat boots are only reserved for younger peers. They are a timeless style that has no age. Alike with their name, they give a strong vibe that is perfect to pair with many different looks. From more mellow looks to streetwear and even minimal style. If the right pair is chosen, you can create even sleeker outfits to attend more serious and stylish events or occasions.

Some of the best matches for military boots are dark jeans, long coats, trench coats, jackets, and other wardrobe basics. Especially trousers for the ultimate casual dandy look. Make sure to take good care of your military boots. Clean them, moisturize them, and store them properly with the right accessories that will help keep their form and shape. When it comes to styling, pairing them up with pants that are shorter around the ankle area is always a great outfit point.

Hiking boots

They are a comfortable, durable, and trendy suggestion towards casual boots for men. They might not pair well with work attire but they will still make you look very good in many other occasions outside of the business context. For many years, hiking boots have no longer been just for hiking. They are worn all-around many fashion-forward cities while paired with jeans, sweaters, and plaid. People also include them with chinos, shirts, and more dressed up items as well. Hiking boots make the perfect footwear for autumn and any cold season. They are also great for occasions in which you might have a tough day ahead of moving around everywhere. Hiking boots are also as we said very durable. If you get a good pair you don’t have to worry about them staying trendy as they will stay relevant for many seasons.

The best tip for styling hiking boots is to not limit them only to the usual looks that you might see around. That means that it is more than ok to get different colors from the average black or light browns. It also means that you can pair them up with classier and less rugged items from the usual go to’s to make your final look more daring and stylish.

Work Boots

Slightly similar in looks with hiking boots but with different characteristics. Hiking boots are super comfortable and generally quite flexible to allow you to move around comfortably. Work boots tend to be much sturdier in comparison. In terms of looks, both might be quite similar but work boots will be much heavier. Their main purpose is to extend protection to the feet of labor workers. Work boots can still look quite stylish, bring great charm to your outfits, and come in pretty handy if you might be doing any activity that could be potentially dangerous. Keep in mind that they might feel a bit less comfortable if you want to move around freely and that their materials might be less breathable than in other styles.