The Added Value of Our Image Consulting Services

Image Consulting Services

A couple of years back, image consulting and styling were services almost strictly limited to celebrities and personalities. Nowadays, the market has changed and these services have become more easily accessible. Of course, not all products available will be the same. And in that department one of the things that differentiate us the most from any similar products out there is how we personalize and cater our services.

We are happy to provide services focusing on our customers to the full extent. This is not just about getting products and giving advice for that specific client. It also means that we see our services as a longterm good. Our job is not just complete after our clients get their products. We take responsibility for those services and also the products we got for you long after our service has “concluded”.

After Care

Quality is very important to us. Not only in how we carry our image consulting services but also in the products we acquire for you. Even though we have no affiliation with any brands to provide items for our clients, we still take responsibility in those rare cases in which there could be a faulty product.

To give you an easy example, one of our clients had an issue with a pair of shoes we selected. This is a very rare case since we always aim to get the best quality products, but it is also something that could potentially happen. We corrected this error by retrieving the item, getting it perfectly repaired and sent back to the client. All free of charge as it is part of our values and quality standards. It is important to know that even though this is something that rarely ever happens, in the case it were to happen, we would take responsibility.

Added Value

As we previously mentioned our idea of quality does not only encompass the process until payment. We see our services as a long term commodity to help you improve your life. We will make sure to answer any possible questions you might have concerning your services. This will apply even if a question arises later on.

We are always happy to explain to you how to best use your items and here to help you answer all of those questions you might have concerning how to style clothing or use certain products. With that said, we also want to make sure all of you know exactly how to make the most out of your new wardrobe and products. That is why we also provide our clients with service charts. This means that when needed, we provide specific styling and/or grooming charts specific to each client. Ensuring that everyone will have easily accessible directions on how to best organize themselves for any occasion.