Mens Vests: A Transition Piece From Winter to Spring

Mens Vests

We are slowly transitioning into spring. This means blooming flowers and allergies but also a warm welcomed rise in temperatures. Even if it is still cold in the area you live in, temperatures will soon rise and you and your wardrobe need to start preparing with transition pieces from winter to spring.

One of the wardrobe pieces that we recommend you to invest in are vests. Men’s vests can be of service right now but also easily incorporated as a transition piece for the springtime. There are many styles of vests available but these are the three main styles you should get familiarized with:

Sweater vests

Usually made of wool cotton, cashmere, or some sort of similar material. The main purpose of this item is to keep you warm but also elevate your style. As a great layering item, sweater style vests will add character and formality to your outfits. It can spice up the classic shirt look that most men wear.

Sweater vests can also be a great way to look more polished yet professional. Let’s say you have not gotten time to iron your shirt. Do not get us wrong, you should always aim to have your items in the best condition, but if you find yourself in a pickle where you don’t have any other items to wear and your shirt might be wrinkled or stained, sweater vests could be the perfect ally to help you conceal it as they cover the majority of the torso and back area. You can also easily dress up or down sweater vests, even wear them with a tie if you like. But it is important to remember that they should always fit well. Snug but not too tight.

Puffer vests

The puffer style is probably one the most comfortable and versatile men’s vests. They are light, warm, and easy to match. They can go with almost any item if you choose the right style. From jeans and sportswear to even suits and formal wear. While Sweater vests at times can scream spring, puffer vests can be a staple from autumn all the way to spring. That is why they have been one increasingly trending item for office wear among the past few years.

If you are looking for a statement puffer vest that you will be wearing with casual outfits or even to do some sport there is a great wide variety to choose from. You can find different textures, shapes, colors, and special characteristics from multiple brands. Choose whatever you might like the most and you would be happy and comfortable wearing around. While if you are looking for puffer vests to go with office attires and more formal outfits, simplicity should be the key.

Classic formal vests

The most formal men’s vest is going to be ones that you will wear with suits, tuxedos and any sort of formal wear. Vests and waistcoats are not mandatory for formal wear. You can still look great without them but if you want to go the extra mile, you can always add one to your outfit of choice. You can easily find formal vests as a part of three-piece suits but you can also get your own and combine them to elevate any formal attire.

Besides these three types, you have many other vest styles available. Made with different materials, shapes, and forms. Leather vests, quilted vests, jean vests, fleece, and even tactical ones. If you would like to know more about vests, do not hesitate to get in contact with us. For now, know that these are the three main styles that will stay relevant and one’s you can use for many occasions.