Puffer Vests: A Multipurpose Item For Men

Puffer Vests

In our previous editorial, we mentioned that vests are great layering items to keep you warm and transition from winter into spring. Without forgetting their ability to add style even while wearing more formal attires. Out of all styles available, puffer vests are the most multipurpose item. You could use them to go hiking or wear them with a suit. More so if you choose well enough, you could even incorporate the same vest in both situations. Imagine how simple they could make your life in terms of packing. Substantially reducing the number of items you would need to bring on occasions, like for example, a business trip.

Today we are going to be talking about certain vests that can be worn to keep you warm as part of a casual look. Yet also have the same effect while still looking good with business attire.

Puffer Vests

Puffer coats and vests used to be more associated with informal wear. Now, they are becoming a trendy item to pair with formal outfits. This comes as no surprise since they are light, easy to style, and can keep you warm. And when choosing the right look they give a sleek and stylish appearance.

What do you have to keep in mind when choosing a puffer vest to make sure you can also pair it up with formal wear? Well, the most important factors you should always consider are fit, shape, colors, and textures.

Shape and Fit

If you want to make sure you can pair your puffer jacket with formal wear or use it as part of an urban look you will have to choose lighter and thinner vests. This doesn’t mean that they will not be able to keep you warm. Puffers nowadays can be extremely lightweight and thin but still keep you quite warm. In terms of shape, you want to make sure that your puffer vest is warm but also doesn’t have extreme amounts of volume. Too much volume can result in a distraction from an otherwise sleek outfit.

When it comes to shape, you also want to make sure that they have a slight cinch. It should fit well around the body. If the vest adapts well to your body it will help enhance your formal wear of choice.


When choosing items to go with your dressier outfits you want to make sure you keep basic color palettes. Once again these puffers will be meant to go along with more serious and formal situations so you want them to blend in with not only your outfits but also the atmosphere. The most suited colors to achieve this will be neutrals. For formal wear, ranges of muted colors like black, greys, and navy would be best.

Dark, muted colors would fit best for office wear but if you are feeling daring and you find a well-fitting formal piece you could perhaps go for slightly brighter colors. Like a cream-colored or tanned colored puffer vest. Once again, this will only be in those cases in which you find a piece that you would be able to easily and beautifully combine with formal wear. Keep in mind that even if you are still able to wear those vests with semi-formal items, light-colored puffers will be less easily paired than puffers in darker tones. Puffer vests with light-colors can get stained easily and are also more easy to spot. This will make the fact that you are wearing the same item much more apparent than when wearing a darker tone. That is why in case of doubt you should consider going for the simple choice.


When it comes to the texture, once again we want to keep it clean and sleek. You do not want to go for overly shiny textures, reflective materials, or anything that will distract from the totality of the outfit. If it does not blend in, do not go for it. Think of your new puffer vest as an “unseen” item. One that keeps you warm but it is not restricting when combined. An item that you can wear every day but people will not be able to easily notice. Also, keep in mind that you can wear puffers not only as outerwear but also inside coats as great layering pieces. Reason why it is important to choose textures and materials that don’t disturb the whole overall picture.