5 Tips For Men to Minimize The Appearance of Dark Spots

Minimize The Appearance of Dark Spots

Dark spots and discoloration are quite common skin conditions among both men and women. But due to the fact that most men do not take care of their skin as much as women do, men tend to develop dark spots quite easily.

This is changing, with an increasing number of men starting to curate good regimes to give better care to their skin. At the end of the day, your face can act as a presentation card therefore, you should keep it in optimal condition. If you are currently dealing with skin discoloration, here are some simple things you can do to minimize the appearance of dark spots on your face:


The sun is one of the most common triggers that will lead to dark spots over time. Discoloration could stem from hyperpigmentation and/or skin aging but the UV rays directly affect your melanin levels. If you already have visible spots you might think it is ok not to wear sunscreen but please do. Using sun protection is the best thing you can do to prevent yourself from getting new spots or worsening the ones you already have.

Wear sunblock every day, no matter if it is sunny or not. UV rays can go through not only clouds but also windows and fabrics. So consider wearing sunscreen despite being indoors or not being any visible sunshine. You want to protect your skin from any further damage. Especially if you are predisposed to getting similar conditions.


Exfoliating will not completely remove the dark spots. The skin damage of certain spots could be quite deep, which is something that simple exfoliation will not be able to reverse. Yet, exfoliating will brighten up your overall complexion. This includes minimizing the appearance of any dark spots. If you exfoliate regularly, you will help resurface new layers of skin. Reducing the appearance of old spots and scars and helping the skin absorb any treatments targeted to solve these problems much more effectively.

Use active ingredients

Active ingredients are a great way to help treat big skin concerns. In the past, these ingredients were only accessible at dermatology clinics. Actives can be very strong and even cause undesired skin reactions if not used knowingly and carefully. Fortunately, nowadays, cosmetic formulators have found many safe ways to incorporate them into grooming products that easily tackle many skin concerns.

Great ingredients to help you target discoloration and dark spots are vitamin c, AHA´s, ferulic acid, niacinamide, and retinoids. Please keep in mind that even when more stable, active components and acids can still be potentially irritating, especially when you just started using them. It takes some time for the skin to adjust to the product, so remember to use actives carefully. The last important note is to ALWAYS use sunscreen when using actives. As some of the ingredients can highly increase your skin photosensitivity.

Hydrate the skin

Hydrating the skin will, first of all, make your skin stay healthy and keep on working in optimal condition. But hydrating is also quite helpful in minimizing the appearance of dark spots. When your skin is hydrated you restore its brightness, plumpness, and elasticity. All of which will have great effects in terms of complexion and texture.

Translating this into easy terms, your skin will be more juicy and plump. As a result, your dark spots will be much less apparent. Also, keep in mind that if you decide to use actives as treatment your skin might become quite dehydrated. Actives are strong components that tend to dry out the skin. For this reason, you should incorporate even more hydration when making use of actives as a dark spot treatment.

Consider getting a skin treatment

There is only so much that at-home care can do. If you have really deep dark spots these tips might not be enough. In those cases, we suggest you visit a dermatologist or a skincare clinic so they can evaluate your case and give you the best solutions for your specific concern. It is important for you to know that even when there are many treatments available, which we will cover another day, the ones offering the best results until now are laser treatments.

If you are in Seoul and you are looking for a place to get your skin evaluated and treated we recommend for you to contact Seoul cosmetic surgery. They are experienced advisors with English services in which we have full trust.