4 Simple Hairstyles For Men In and Out Of the Office

Hairstyles For Men

Having a good hairstyle is quite important. Your skin, eyebrows, and facial hair together with your hairstyle are what sets the main tone of your appearance from the shoulders up. Having a good cut is mandatory, but so is knowing how to style it well.

Having a great haircut but not knowing how to style it is like having a great car without knowing how to drive it. In the same way that you will want to learn how to drive that car, you might want to start learning how to maximize the look of your current cut. If you have short to a mid-length haircut these are four trendy hairstyles that you can rock both in an out of the office.


Pompadour originated as a female hairstyle but got popularized around the mid-fifties. A hairstyle that even while evolving a lot during the different periods still remains quite popular. One of the secrets behind it might be that you can wear it with both shorter and slightly longer haircuts. Allowing this hairstyle much room for various cuts and different tastes. 

The current pompadour hairstyle shows up best with a nice clean fade. Yet, it matches nicely with well-groomed beards and scruffs. For finishes, you can choose among natural, sleek, or textured. Choose a finish that goes with the look you wish to achieve. But know that textured and loose finishes match the current style vibe much better than overly sleek hairstyles.

French Crop

The French Crop is a great hairstyle for men if you like things simple. Similar to the pompadour, you will have shorter sides and longer hair in the crown. Although instead of it being styled swept back, it is worn forward with a slight fringe.

You can wear this style both with texture or loose, even messy for a more casual look. French cut will also be the perfect cut if you are worried about a noticeable receding hairline. This haircut is usually longer at the crown and styled forward. A method that can very well camouflage the hairline while giving a slightly more youthful vibe.

Side Part

The side parting is the style you will want to go for if you wish to look reliable and extra clean. It gives an elegant vintage vibe while still looking polished, and stylish, of course when done right.

When it comes to side parting you have to be careful, as you do not want to get your hair overly flat against your head. Do not let go of all your volume but keep a slight shape at the front on the side of the parting. 

You will also want to avoid having the overall same hair length. This means that you will want to incorporate a well-done fade or hair that is slightly shorter on the sides if you have a longer cut. Once again, we recommend adding only a slight texture in comparison to shinny and sticky finishes. 


The blowout is a men’s hairstyle that is growing in popularity. Especially among those who enjoy voluminous hairstyles and like to stay fashion-forward. Alike with the previous hairstyles, blowout also keeps shorter sides. The only difference being that blowout hairstyles are best when worn with slightly longer hair at the crown. 

Voluminous, messy, and quiffed styles have been going around quite a lot. Yet lately the ones stealing all the looks have been the ones featuring natural hair, no matter if it is curly, afro, or waves. Slightly loose hair that looks effortless has been in the spotlight. Although if you want to keep the blowout business formal appropriate you might want to keep in mind going for a shorter crop.

What will you need?

To achieve any of these simple hairstyles for men, you will not need many tools or overly complicated processes. All of them are quite simple to achieve. You will need the help of a hairdryer, a comb or brush, styling product of choice, and your hands at the most. 

In order to keep up with our previously given advice in terms of finishes, we do recommend you to stay away from extremely shinny and strong styling products. Instead go for either a wax, a light non-shiny hairspray, or a sea salt sprays. Any of these products will help you achieve your hairstyle but also will make it look more natural.