Buying Tips to Minimize your Wardrobe

Tips to Minimize your Wardrobe

Last week we brushed upon the reasons why you might want to consider living a more minimalistic life. If you found that minimalism resonated with you or you are tired of making too many unnecessary choices when it comes to your wardrobe, we have helpful insight. Today we are giving you buying tips to minimize your wardrobe that will help you further apply minimalism to your life.

Buy less But Buy Better

We already mentioned that buying more things will not give you happiness. In terms of style, it is pretty similar. You do not need to buy a lot of suits, shirts or any other clothing in order to have a great style. Instead of buying many items that perhaps you could make work with your attire, buy the ones that do to avoid the extra hassle.

Buy good wardrobe staples. Items that can easily be incorporated in different situations. Pieces that you can effortlessly style. Clothing that combines well with many things and especially items that are good quality and fit you well. Picking out items that have quality will ensure they will last. When shopping, buy things that you not only love but also things that you actually see yourself using.

Say GoodBye to Fast Fashion

Stay away from purchasing the latest trends that everyone is buying. They will be discarded by the next season anyway. Do not try to make yourself fit in what everyone else is wearing just because you see it around.

Instead, focus on building your own style. Examine what suits you and buy things that portray your sense of style. Buying in accordance with your own style and not just trends will give your items a much longer lifespan. In return, your pocket, wardrobe, the environment, and even yourself will thank you later. 

Every item you purchase because it is on-trend will end up creating clutter in your closet. It is not only a loss of money that you could invest in better clothing but it also indicates a buying pattern. With those buying choices, you are letting the market know there is a space for things that are cheap but not well made. Things that can be discarded only after a couple of uses. If there is a place for it, companies and the market itself will continue offering those choices. You as a consumer have much more power than you think. Make use of it.

Do you Really Need it?

Do not buy items that you like but you will not be able to put into good use. Does it go with anything in your wardrobe? Does it work well for you? Is that an item that will only look good once you lose weight? Are there pieces that your current significant other loves but you hate? Get out of the habit of buying in bulk or the “I am not sure if I need it but it is a discounted item”. Leave any of those where you found them. You do not need them. More often than not, they will end up being pieces that you never even consider wearing.

The best tip to minimize your wardrobe is to think things through before making the purchase. It might take you a couple of extra seconds at first but I can guarantee it will significantly reduce many secondary choices in the future. Choices that range from where to store those items to how to discard them later on. As once you realize they are only occupying space, you will end up coming to the conclusion that you don’t need to keep them anymore.

To make things short:

  • Buy items that are good quality and will last you a while
  • Select items according to your style and what you like to wear, not just according to trends
  • Get those items that work with what you already have or what you wish to have in the future