Male Color Trends For Spring 2020

Male Color Trends For Spring

If you are not an avid fashion follower, you might still be unaware of the male color trends for spring 2020. Trending colors change with the seasons making it a bit difficult for the average man to follow through with most of them. Furthermore, while some men venture to make riskier color choices, most men try to stay among safer alternatives.

Truth to be told, many times we also recommend starting out with neutrals. Especially when building your wardrobe. Neutrals are colors that are easy on the eye and can be effortlessly combined. Even if you are not a fashion expert.

Speak Fashion

We recommend you to use monochromatic colors and basic palettes so you have safe choices that you are able to adapt to many situations. On the other hand, if you wish to speak fashion, you have to have fun with it. After all, fashion is not about being safe.

Fashion is about experimenting and expressing. From trying out new things and seeing what you like, to even expressing yourself as an individual. Through fashion, you can showcase a physical representation of how you feel, what you like, or even small traits of your personality. You can do this through small details or main items. Another great way to do so is through colors. That is why today we are going to do a rundown on some of the male color trends for spring 2020.

Pinks & Pastels

Pinks and pastels might not be the first color palettes you come up with when thinking about masculinity. For many years pink was only considered a “girly” color and something similar happens with any pastel shades.

Thankfully, the previous prejudices of what is masculine or feminine are slowly changing. Old lines are fading in favor of new trends and possibilities. This season, one of the biggest male color trends for spring 2020 is pinks, pastels, and corals.

When it comes to pinks, this season will have an uncountable number of pink shades. In which we must highlight the dusty rose and coral pink.

In terms of pastels, soft and elegant variations of whitened pastels will be highly trending colors as well. Yellows, pearly greys, greens, and even soft lilacs will do the trick even when it comes to suits and other formal wear.

Smells like Autumn

This year, spring trends have come with a big twist. Surprisingly, many autumn colors have been filling up the runways. They have become a highly coveted color trend for spring. This might have caught some people off guard as most summer spring trends tend to come in brighter and lighter colors.

Lighter shades will not be missing since, as we mentioned above, pinks and pastels are a big male color trend this spring. Yet, autumn colors might have become even trendier in comparison. All color schemes evoking autumn vibes have been all over the streets and catwalks. Making slightly darker and dustier shades like rusty browns, maroon, burgundy oranges, and remarkably carnelian, another of the big male color trends for spring 2020.

Denim Blues

Here we are not talking only about denim as a fabric but more so as a color. Denim shades and different tones of blues are all around. The effortless and timeless denim blue has most definitely made a comeback this year. Along with it, so have many more dependable shades of blue as well. Among them Pantone.

Denim blue, a color evoking freedom and effortlessness. Pantone blue, a classic and timeless shade that can evoke feelings of trustworthiness. These shades of blue are here to stay. Making them a male trending color for not only the upcoming spring but quite possibly the rest of the year ahead.