A Solution to Conceal A Receding Hairline and Baldness

Conceal Receding Hairline and Baldness

Today we are back with another editorial touching upon a semi-permanent way to conceal a receding hairline and even baldness. By your guy’s request, we have already touched upon the subject of how to deal with your hair receding and/or going bald.

We know this is an important and even sensitive topic for many men out there. Therefore, we want to make sure we keep you updated in all we can concerning this subject.

Can we Prevent Baldness?

In this day and age, it is not 100% possible to completely reverse baldness everywhere. There are many different options you can take to slow down, prevent, and in the worst-case scenario, conceal baldness.

Taking vitamins, hair treatments, getting consultations at a hair clinic, and even hair transplants are available. However, nowadays one of the easiest and simplest ways to semi-permanently conceal baldness is through microblading.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique mimicking the aspect of natural hair. This procedure started with the main goal of creating fuller brows that looked natural. However, microblading has not stopped there. It has kept on evolving and improving until becoming a technique that can now be used to conceal sparse hair in many different areas.

From concealing bald spots to camouflaging a receding hairline, and even mimicking hair growth in more advanced cases of baldness. All of these are very accessible treatments that you can easily get at most microblading salons.

What you need to know about microblading

Microbading is done by hand, creating natural strokes that mimic the hair. As it is done by hand, not only will results be less permanent, but it also might require more than one session before you can achieve the final desired look.

When it comes to microblading hair on the head, it is worthy to distinguish among two techniques. The ones using a dotting technique versus the one’s using featherweight strokes.

On one hand, one may use dotting for those cases in which you want to mimic growing hair. Mostly in more extreme cases of baldness. Whereas hair mimicking strokes, on the other hand, is better for things like filling up the hairline, eyebrows, beard, or bald spots.

Microblading has no downtime. Yet, as the skin is being slightly scratched, you should get some sort of numbing cream before the treatment. Generally, to achieve the final results, you will need two to three sessions. This might seem like a hassle but it is also helpful to decide if the final shade of the pigment best suits your case. Most microblading artist will suggest you go lighter to see how the color evolves with time, but you will still be able to go darker if you want after your first session.

The full process of getting microblading done will take about a month. Counting at least, two sessions and full healing time until seeing the final results. After that, you can expect your new “hairline” to last around 18 months.

Be Aware

Microblading is still in a form, a tattoo. Alike with any other tattoo, you want to make sure your microblading artist really knows what they are doing.

Microblading can be a great solution to conceal baldness. Just make sure that if you decide to go get a microblading treatment, you do not sacrifice good work for just a couple of bucks. Do your research and find a good artist. Your designer and their skills are the main differentiation between getting great results or receiving a poor performance on the job. It will be more than worthy to get a well-done work rather than having a result that might not satisfy you or that you even might regret.