How Does Sugar Consumption Affect Men?

Sugar Consumption

Nutrition tends to be a topic lacking interest for most men. Not following good nutritional standards and the overconsumption of certain foods and beverages takes a toll on the health of many men out there. In most cases without them even knowing.

In general, men tend to worry less about weight than women. That together with the different lifestyles and perhaps overly stressful working environments, make improper nutrition and unhealthy eating habits quite common in males. There are many long term diseases that end up causing death amongst men. This includes cardiovascular failures, high blood pressure, strokes, or diabetes. All of which can be highly reduced by just changing some basic habits. One of the main ones that you might want to start by considering, is less sugar consumption.

How do men generally consume sugar

Whereas women tend to indulge more in sweets, men tend to consume more sugar-based drinks. Drinking energetic beverages and other sugary alternatives, like sodas, is common. Many men with long working hours, high-stress positions, or those who work overnight tend to fall into this category.

Furthermore, many men who live alone or have busy schedules also tend to overindulge in processed foods or eating out. Sugar or artificial sugar substitutes, which can in many cases be even worse than sugar itself, are nowadays in almost anything. From sauces to protein bars, snacks, and even savory dishes.

The effects of sugar

Sugar in all its unnaturally added forms will have a long term effect on your health. No matter if it is in your coffee, a snack bar that might look healthy, in a sauce, or as part of your daily dose of artificially flavored drinks. Sugar can influence your health much more negatively than you would ever think. To shed some light into this, here are some of the main negative effects of sugar consumption:

Accelerates aging, both physically and mentally. This will show up not only in the health of your body but also in external things such as the way your skin looks.

Affects the male reproductive system. From decreasing fertility to erectile dysfunction and even prostate cancer. Sugar seems to have quite negative effects on the male reproductive organs.

It exponentially increases cardiovascular disease. A condition that is generally much more common among men, especially as they age.

It decreases immune function. Due to hormonal factors, in comparison to women, men tend to have less strong responses to fight off pathogens. This can be exacerbated by excess sugar consumption.

Sugar consumption enhances fatigue, headaches and can even affect the volatility of your moods. Which has the power to strongly influence not only your working and social environment and levels of stress, but also how you feel and how efficient you stay along your day.

The solution

Even though those are only some of the many negative effects of excessive sugar consumption, you might have realized that the effect of sugar might be more negative than you initially thought. With studies in regards to sugar, it has been proven that the process the body goes when cutting sugar is similar to the one of stopping smoking. The full “detoxification” of the body takes around 30 days of absolutely no sugar consumption.

This can be quite difficult. As if you do a quick scan through most of the products in your pantry, you will realize that almost 90% to 95% of them will contain some form of added sugar. Even those that you might have never thought about, no matter if they are organic, savory or even labeled as “no sugar”.

Completely cutting out sugar might be hard. Yet we encourage that you at least consider significantly reducing its consumption in favor of your future and present health. Especially if sugar is something that you tend to overindulge in.