A Sleeping Guide for WFH

A Sleeping Guide for WFH

There are many problems related to the COVID-19 virus beyond the virus itself. Now that we have been social distancing and working from home for some time, many people are finding themselves losing their sleep schedule. There are so many people with this struggle it is being called #coronasomnia.

Sleep is important more now than ever as it aids in immunity from diseases. Due to this, it is vital to learn how to change your schedule and remain healthy. So, here’s a guide filled with tips and tricks to help you through a sleep reset.

  1. Use apps — A sleep app like Calm provides meditation seminars, sleep stories, and calming music to relax the mind.
  2. Nap less— Napping in the day can affect your body clock and reduce your chances of sleeping properly at night.
  3. Avoid caffeine—Steer clear from coffee in the afternoon or evening. The caffeine can prevent the body from feeling tired.
  4. Limit alcohol—The quality of rest is lowered after consuming alcohol so it is best to avoid consumption for a better nights rest.
  5. No munches—Don’t eat snacks or dinner at least two hours before going to bed. It is easier for the body to fall asleep when not digesting food.
  6. Turn offCell phones, laptops and most other screens should be turned off at least thirty minutes before bed. The blue light coming off these screens make the body more awake and alert.
  7. ExerciseExercise to make yourself tired enough to sleep. A quick workout and stretching will relax your body for sleeping.

After following these steps, your sleep habits will improve and working from home will become more comfortable. If there is anything in particular you want to know more about, do not hesitate to write to us using ASK SUIT.