Ask Suit: Why Do I Need Tailored suits?

Ask Suit: Why Do I Need Tailored suits?

The truth is most men do not fit the exact body structure and style that will perfectly fit a ready-made-wear suit because everyone has a different type of body shape and look – NOT one fits all. Wearing unfitted and outdated suit can make you look sloppy and deescalate your confidence. Here are three reasons that it is vital to have a tailored suit in your wardrobe.


In many career paths, men need to wear a suit for important events, or even daily to maintain professionalism like executives. Their appearance speak a high quality of work by wearing perfectly fitted and styled attire. Tailoring your suit can help you elevate your standard from the exterior.


An ill-fitting suit can make a man look disproportioned, or even unattractive. Tailoring is such a simple fix to make the suit fit men as it should and make the man look better and more comfortable with their image. Having a suit in the right size and style is important for many different types of occasions such as weddings. A great looking suit in the perfect size will make you look more attractive and feel confident at the reception party.

Reinforced Quality

Since suits are created with high quality fabrics, it is important to make sure they will last many years. When the suit is being tailored, the tailor also reinforces stitching to ensure you can wear the clothing for years to come.

At SUIT MAKE, we want to make your suit a worth-while purchase and a staple part of the wardrobe men enjoy wearing. Which is why when you purchase a Suit at SUIT MAKE; we take your body measurements or your most well-fitted suit sizes and have the suit tailored to fit your body in style. This way the suit is custom designed to your body and makes you look your absolute best.

If you have any other questions of inquiries, feel free to always Ask Suit.


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