3 tips to being a good role model

3 tips to being a good role model

BY tanisha lakha


As you continue your journey in life, you look back on the decisions you have made which lead you here, and how you can keep being a better man. You want to be the best you can be for the yourself as well as the future generation. Follow these tips to being a good role model.

Tip #1 Look presentable

The way you present yourself is extremely important. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they carry themselves even if you don’t know them too well. Take care of your appearance by dressing well, grooming nicely, and being hygienic. Whether you’re wearing a full suit or a simple t-shirt, you need to make sure that your clothes are wrinkle free, super clean and fit you well. For some selections on outfits, try out custom tailoring page to find the best fit, look and style for you.

Tip #2 Be kind  

In life, you’re going to deal with people and experiences that aren’t always the most pleasant. It is important to carry yourself with grace and your dignity intact. Always be respectful and kind to everyone. However, that doesn’t mean you need to be a pushover. You can be classy and keen about how you deal with cruel people. To be a good role model, you need to show others that even when life gets tough sometimes, it’s possible to handle it with maturity.

Tip #3 Work hard

You cannot control everything in life. But, the one thing you CAN control is your work ethic. If you put all your energy and focus into achieving your goals, you will be unstoppable. No matter what path you chose to do lead your life, you should be passionate and happy. To be the best role model, show others how to stay motivated and work hard.


Be your best self and that will be enough. Not a single one of us is perfect. However, it is about trying to grow yourself into someone others can look up to and treat as a role model. Please feel free to contact us anytime via email at suit@suitmake.com.