About Suit Make

SUIT MAKE was created in 2017 by Jen Auh. Jen has more than 20 years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry. She has worked with many major brands including Macy’s, Bliss and Too Faced Cosmetics etc. Jen started her image consulting business in her living room after helping her friends, primarily men, dress better and feel more confident. Word started to spread and she began to get more clients. They saw with their own eyes, the amazing transformation of Jen’s friends thanks to her styling and guidance. While she worked on her projects, she noticed the importance of wearing the correct size and fit to make the outfit look better. She started researching the best places for a tailoring business. She traveled to Italy, Japan, Vietnam and finally Korea. It was the perfect place for custom-tailored clothes with high craftsmanship and a fast turnaround time.


SUIT MAKE makes all custom-tailored clothes and delivers them worldwide in 14 business days.

The brand then grew and started to also focus on men’s lifestyle. This includes, custom-tailored wardrobe, personalized skincare, home interior and lifestyle management for men who want to improve their complete look to become a better version of themselves.


SUIT MAKE also provides image consulting, personal shopping and grooming services via JenAuh. Her office is set up the same way as her original living room where she began helping her friends.


Contact jen@suitmake.com to begin your new lifestyle journey today.