About Us

Our Mission

SUIT MAKE mission is helping men to become better versions of themselves and improve their lives through image consulting, grooming, tailoring and lifestyle management.

Our mission is to provide services that improve more than just your outer look. Looking good is not just about wearing clothes, it is about finding your essence and improving your life. Finding a new source of confidence that becomes that extra help to achieve your goals. That is why we start by helping you improve not only the way others perceive you but most importantly, the way you see yourself.

If you are ready to go the extra step, do not hesitate to contact us for details on how to get the right look for your specific goals and needs.

Who Are We?

SUIT MAKE is a custom-tailored menswear and image consulting company founded in September 2017 in Seoul, Korea. SUIT MAKE started with the mission of making men look their very best by providing image consultation and premium custom-tailored menswear.

All the clothes we produce will be unique, just for you and always made with the highest-quality Italian fabrics by the most skillful Korean seamsters. We deliver the personalized wardrobe within 14 days via free express shipping worldwide.

Behind SUIT MAKE is founder, Jen Auh who has been working in the fashion and beauty industry for over 20 years. Her experience with fashion and beauty led her to menswear, in which she has helped entrepreneurs , managers, and bachelors to refine their styles and go a step further in building their desired self.

While working with men, Jen noticed that getting the right size and style is the key for a personalized look. Men also have different body types and one style does not suit all. At times alterations fees can be even higher than the actual cost of the clothes that is why SUIT MAKE started its mission of dressing men in stylish custom-tailored menswear while doing it at affordable prices. Because all men deserve to feel attractive and good about themselves independently of their financial means.

If you are curious to know more about how we started, our production process, or how we give back to society make sure to have a look at the given links.